College Student Jumps From 3-Story Roof Into Pool, Hits Concrete [video]

College Student Jumps Roof Hits Concrete

A college student that went to Colorado State University is in critical condition after a party this weekend. The horrible accident started when a pool party at a Fort Collins apartment complex was picking up during a Saturday afternoon.

Watch the video below

On May 5th, 2012 in the afternoon college student, Ian Smith had decided he was going to pull off the stunt of a lifetime. Mr. Smith had a lot of alcohol to drink and scaled the three story apartment complex’s roof. After standing on the roof for awhile with partiers screaming at him not to jump, he did the unthinkable.

The CSU college student went to the tip of the 3-story roof of the apartment complex and leaped into the air trying to land in the pool. The first problem was that the pool was pretty far away from the tip of the roof with Channel 9 News demonstrating how far away the pool was from the wall of the apartment below in their video.

Channel 9 How Far Away Pool Is From Roof

A person at the party caught the entire incident on video as the college student plunged off the roof into the concrete breaking his ankles, heels and multiple vertebrae in his lower back. One girl interviewed in the news piece said she said a pool of blood where Ian Smith hit the concrete. When Ian hit the concrete he rolled into the water and was unconscious. One girl didn’t seem very sympathetic as she said no matter if the college student would have made it, a shallow pool would have hurt him pretty bad anyway.

You can watch the video below of Ian Smith jumping into the pool:

Needless to say after all that excitement, the apartment complex has closed the pool. Where the accident occurred a sign is on the door to the pool in the CSU neighborhood saying, “The Pool Is Closed.” Before the college student tried to fly into a pool, college students said the party was going well and was a lot of fun. Paramedics have told Ian’s friends that he’s lucky to be alive no matter where he landed. The lesson is pretty clear here, don’t jump into pools from any higher than a diving board!

3 Comments on "College Student Jumps From 3-Story Roof Into Pool, Hits Concrete [video]"

  1. I want to see an interview of this kid now. Does he think he almost made it? He would have gotten just as hurt hitting the water. STUPID!

  2. Seriously? This kid deserved to die. He should have jumped off into a bed of needles too. it just shows college kids are even dumber today than yesterday.

    • JustSomeDumbCollegeKid | May 8, 2012 at 11:32 pm |

      “it just shows college kids are even dumber today than yesterday.”

      Really, Jerry? You’re going to judge ~20 million students on the basis of one person’s actions? Nice, real nice. And can you honestly say that stuff like this didn’t happen 10, 20, or 30 years ago? Think before you open your mouth next time.

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