Dead Baby Flesh Pills Discovered by South Korea Customs

Baby Flesh Pills

South Korea custom officials have discovered thousands of smuggled drug capsules filled with powdered flesh from dead babies. According to custom officials, 35 smuggling attempts have been made since August last year involving more than 17,000 capsules which are disguised as ‘stamina boosters’.

There is a large demand for the pills that are thought to boost stamina. Although, the human flesh capsules contain super-bacteria and other harmful ingredients. Microwave-dried placentas are also sought after for the alleged ‘medicinal’ benefits they provide.

South Korean Customs Service has said that they heightened searches on the suspicious packages being brought into the country by travellers from China in an attempt to stamp out the human flesh pill trade. Chinese newspapers have identified the north eastern provinces as the source of the human flesh capsules, especially the Jilin region which is close to North Korea.

There have been reports that some babies used for the pills were those that had been in China’s notorious ‘dying rooms’ where they are left to die purposely because they were born into families that already had the limit of one child. In order to keep population down, China performs 13 million abortions a year because mothers sacrifice their newborns to avoid punishment such as severe fines or even beating from authorities.

According to the South Korean SBS TV documentary team who is revealing the process, the companies purchase baby corpses and store them in some family’s refrigerator to avoid suspicion. Then in a highly secretive process, they put the corpses in a medical drying microwave and grind them into pills. The ground baby powder is then put in a capsule, ready to be sold as a stamina enhancer.

The San Francisco Times reported that tests confirmed the pills were made up of 99.7 per cent human remains and found hair and nail remnants. They were successfully able to establish the genders of the babies used as well.

Health authorities in Asia are concerned that if the powdered flesh pill trade is allowed to continue, they might find their way onto the Internet and be sold to desperate people in other parts of the world.

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