Paulina Gretzky Photos From @pmgypsy Instagram Making The Rounds [pics]

Gretzky Family
It’s not the first time and a good guess would say it’s not the last time but Paulina Gretzky’s photos are making the rounds on the Internet. Paulina has already gotten in trouble before from her dad, Wayne Gretzky.

On November 30th, 2011 a story in People Magazine had revealed it had gotten so bad that Paulina had tweeted, “Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media..haha.” It wasn’t long after that message that Paulina had to take a break from Twitter and let everyone know about it. Wayne Gretzky wasn’t thrilled with the racy photos of Paulina going public everywhere.

Paulina Gretzky lingere photos and bikini shots have become popular fodder on male heavy demographic websites. A website called BroBible has even created a tribute to her photos to her, “Once-Great Twitter Account” as they put it.

MTV is sharing some of the pmgypsy/Instagram pics on their site as well. MTV puts the situation like this, “Thanks to fine scouting by Jimmy Traina and BroBible, this post contains the result of Paulina Gretzky’s latest online photo spree from this weekend. The product of an NHL legend and actress Janet Jones, this gal tumbled down the hotness tree and hit every branch on the way down–plus the foliage and then smashed into exposed roots, somehow giving her the urge to share her sexiness on the web. Well done, tree.”

The problems seem to back in swing with Instagram having the risky business photos of Paulina Gretzky. Here are some of the most popular pictures from Paulina’s Instagram @pmgypsy now duplicated on InstaProf people are talking about:

Paulina Gretzky Drinking


Paulina Gretzky Posing


Paulina Gretzky Tight Black Clothes


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