Octomom Bankruptcy Leads to Adult Film Deal

Octomom Bankruptcy Adult Film Deal

One thing leads to another it seems and it’s no different with Nadya Suleman, famously known as Octomom. It was revealed by E! Online yesterday that Ms. Suleman is filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to escape some of the debt she has amassed with so many kids & other expenses. She told E! Online, “I have had to make some very difficult decisions this year and Filing Chapter 7 was one of them. But I have to do what is best for my children and I need a fresh start.” So what’s the fresh start?

TMZ has revealed that it looks like a deal to be in an adult film has presented itself. It will be an Octomom adult video that shows her pleasuring herself which is supposed to pay better than her recent deal in March 2012 with Vivid Entertainment. The adult production company Vivid Entertainment paid Nadya Suleman $10,000 for a topless spread in their magazine. The Magazine, “Closer” sold the pictures as, “Octomum Bares All! My Body’s Never Looked This Good!”

The Octomom Bankruptcy didn’t seem to clean up the financial mess in Ms. Suleman’s life as she’s ready for a new start with more cash to spend. The taping for this classic will be done this summer and will include no other people in the video. The Octomom video will most likely be sold on her fame from having 14 kids.

This isn’t the first time that an adult video was presented as an option to Nadya. Another revelation from E! Online was that she was offered nearly $1 million dollars and health insurance for all 14 kids to star in a video. However, previous efforts by companies into those types of videos met a bunch of, “No’s” from Ms. Suleman. She vowed to never star in any p*rn video. What’s changed? Apparently since no one else is in this video it isn’t looked at as the same kind. Either way, you’ll be seeing more of Octomom, bankruptcy or not, she’s ready to bare all.

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