Dentist, Anna Mackowiak Pulls Out All of Ex-Boyfriend, Marek Olszewski’s Teeth

Dentist Pulls Ex Boyfriends Teeth

A dentist in Wroclaw, Poland pulled out all of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth just days after he dumped her for another woman.

Marek Olszewski, 45-years old came into Anna Mackowiak’s clinic with a toothache when she decided he had revenge coming to him. She gave her ex-boyfriend an extra-large dose of anesthetic, and while he was lying in the dentist chair, she locked the door and proceeded to pulled out all of his teeth.

Anna Mackowiak, 34-years old said, “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions, but when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a b******!’and decided to take all his teeth out.”

She wrapped his head and jaw in a bandage to stop him opening his mouth and said there had been complications and that he would be numb for awhile. She also said he would need to see a specialist.

Marek Olszewski said, “I knew something was wrong because when I woke up I couldn’t feel any teeth and my jaw was strapped up with bandages. She told me my mouth was numb and I wouldn’t be able to feel anything for a while and that the bandage was there to protect the gums, but that I would need to see a specialist. I didn’t have any reason to doubt her, I mean I thought she was a professional. But when I got home I looked in the mirror and couldn’t f****** believe it. The b**** had emptied my mouth.”

His new girlfriend, that he dumped Anna Mackowiak for, has left him saying she can’t be with a man without teeth. Olszewski says, “And I’m going to have to pay a fortune on getting indents or something.”

Anna Mackowiak is being investigated for medical malpractice and could face up to three years in prison.

Dentist Pulls Out Ex Boyfriends Teeth

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21 Comments on "Dentist, Anna Mackowiak Pulls Out All of Ex-Boyfriend, Marek Olszewski’s Teeth"

  1. Will at least he will get a brand new set of teeth and not worry about cavities anymore…lol
    stupid a**…

  2. The guy is a fkn moron, lucky little Anna is not a proctologist, what a dumb as*!!

  3. Wooooow can she be a d dentist for my baby daddy he don’t need insurance ill cover the bills lol

  4. I see both sides that he should have given her time, but for her to do THIS…is she sure she’s not bipolar? She surely is unfit for her profession and I hope she gets the full extent of the law

  5. What a moron for going to see his ex!! In my opinion he deserved every tooth that was pulled! You don’t leave a woman for another woman and expect things to be fine afterwards!! Umm use your brain. I believe the dentist got her justice! Good for you Anna! Hopefully the dumb @ss learned his lesson. Next time u break up with someone.. Give them time… And do not go visit there place of work needing assistance from them !! Haha stupid guy !!

  6. This b**** is crazy! But he’s just as stupid. NOT at all saying he “deserved” it because he does have a right to be with who he wants to, but come on now!! You left her recently for another woman and then had the nerve to sit in her dental chair!! Shaking my head. Poor guy.

  7. Forrest Gump said it best, “Stupid is as stupid does” Marek is about the most stupid person in the world. Love it!!!

  8. Horribly bad judgment on his part even showing up at her work. But this is uncalled for. She should have simply laughed in his face and told him to enjoy his tooth ach while waiting a very long time to get in to see a differnet dentist. I hope he takes her to court and gets enough to pay for all the work he will need and then some. Shame on her.

  9. Wow he should have never went to her after he just recently dumped her. I mean think about it, when you leave someone for someone else it’s best to leave them alone and let them get space.. he could have just went to a new dentist… And she as a dentist should know better but to do such a thing. Yes it hurts that he left you for someone else. But there are other fish in the sea. I guess it’s worth losing your job and going to jail. When she gets out(if she does) of jail it will not be easy for her to get a job as a dentist again.

  10. Lonely Island | May 1, 2012 at 6:41 pm | Reply

    “Doesn’t matter, had sex.”

  11. Any of you who think this acceptable, you are a disgusting monster. A man has every right to dump a woman, and judging on what she did here, he made the right decision. If this had been done to me I would have hunted her down and brutally murdered her. I’m sorry, this is just disgusting.

    • If you ever come into my life and dump me and expect me to perform some type of service for you, expect to be taught a lesson. “What?”

  12. If this were me, the follow up article would be “toothless man kills ex-girlfriend who pulled out all his teeth” I mean seriously, I would not be interviewing and talking about how I have no teeth, I would be planning a way to torture and murder her.

  13. He had a nerve to have such an operation done by a grieving ex-girlfriend. He deserves what he got. He is lucky she didn’t do worse than that. Happy smile with implants…inja yamuntu!!

  14. wow, im with Greg. This women needs to spend some time to jail.

  15. Are you idiots kidding me? So a man is never allowed to break up with a woman, and when he does, he deserves to be mutilated for life?

    Well, the jokes on her! Hopefully she’ll get all the jail time permitted and the legal system in Poland will allow him to become quite rich indeed.

    • He deserves to be mutilated when he is dumb enough to go to a woman that he made emotionally unstable, to get a procedure done to his body

  16. I would have ripped his d*ck off too. He should be happy he’s only missing his teeth. I wish there was a picture of him to see him smiling now.

    • You are a monster. I hope you die alone and never have the opportunity to reproduce, as you are what is wrong with women today.

  17. good for his a**! some b@st@rds really deserve this!

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