Crazy Kentucky Derby Hats [pictures]

If you’ve ever laid your eyes on the fantastic Horse Races at the Kentucky Derby there is one thing you have surely seen. You can’t watch the Kentucky Derby without seeing a lot of great Kentucky Derby Hats.

The official Kentucky Derby website even lays claim to the historical & fun importance of the Kentucky Derby Hats history and significance.

On the Kentucky Derby website they state: “Part Southern tradition, part spectacle, the Kentucky Derby hat parade is much of what makes “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” one of the greatest people-watching events in the world! From the fantastic to the sublime, there are no rules or limits when it comes to choosing your Derby hat. Whether to make a statement or just keep the sun at bay, Kentucky Derby hats are part of the tradition and the pageantry that make a trip to the Derby an unforgettable experience. Check out some of our favorites from prior years!”

Some publications try to coin the fashion trends of the Kentucky Derby Hat parade by predicting what will become the latest trend. One such publication is Courier Journal of Louisville, Kentucky. This year their listing the Top 8 trends every last-minute shopper should keep in mind: 1. Color 2. Maxing Out 3. Mini Dresses with Major Sleeves 4. Peekaboo Details 5. Floral Prints 6. Strapless 7. The Little Anything-But-Black Dress 8. Accordion Pleats.

Every year places like Sports Illustrated, entertainment magazines and fashion divas cover, photograph and discuss the craziest Kentucky Derby Hat and let’s not forget the most beautiful. For this article however we’re going to dig up the best crazy Kentucky Derby Hats we’ve seen. If we missed one that you know is crazier than ours, let us know in the comments and we’ll try and add it.

1. Family Animal Kentucky Derby Hats

Animal Kentucky Derby Hats

2. The Big Curl Derby Hat (she’s pretty)

Big Curl Kentucky Derby Hat

3. Big Feather Pink Scowl Derby Hat

Big Feather Kentucky Derby Hat

4. Big Red Flower Kickback Kentucky Derby Hat

Big Flower Derby hat

5. The Black Wing Kentucky Derby Hat

Black Wing Kentucky Derby Hat

6. Breast Cancer Kentucky Derby Hat

Breast Cancer Kentucky Derby Hat

7. The Butterfly Derby Hat (shock and awe?)

Butterfly Derby Hat

8. Snack for later, Cheese Kentucky Derby Hat

Cheese Derby Hat

9. Churchhill Downs Twin Spire Derby Hat

Churchhill Downs Derby Hat

10. Cigarette Butt Kentucky Derby Hat

Cigarette Butt Kentucky Derby Hat

11. Daisy Dukes Derby Hat

Daisy Kentucky Derby Hat

12. Flag Platter Derby Hat

Crazy Kentucky Derby Hat

13. Drunk Derby Hat (mmmm, tasty)

Drunk Kentucky Derby Hat

14. Exploding Pink Kentucky Derby Hat

Exploding Pink Derby Hat

15. Blooming Flower Kentucky Derby Hat

Kentucky Derby Hat Fashion

16. Flower Petal Derby Hat (Sunflower?!?)

Flower Petal Derby Hat

17. Hair Sculpture Kentucky Derby Hat

Hair Kentucky Derby Hat

18. Helmet Derby Hat

Helmet Derby hat

19. Dead Horse Kentucky Derby Hat (mmm, Miller!)

Horse Head Derby Hat

20. iPad Kentucky Derby Hat (tablet trend?)

iPad Kentucky Derby Hat

21. Peacock Kentucky Derby Hat (Huh?)

Peacock Kentucky Derby Hat

22. Peacock Pinwheel Kentucky Derby Hat

Peacock Pinwheel Derby Hat

23. Racetrack Kentucky Derby Hat

Round n Round Derby Hat

24. The VINE Kentucky Derby Hat

Vine Derby Hat

25. Duo “We Remember” Kentucky Derby Hats

We Remember Derby Hat

And that’s it for now. Send us pics and photos of your crazy Kentucky Derby Hats and we’ll include them on this page. If you find someone with a crazy hat at the 2012 Kentucky Derby send us a copy of the photo on our contact us page. Enjoy the horse races this year at the Kentucky Derby… and if you don’t enjoy those, at least enjoy all the fashionable hats!

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