Brush Fire in Hudson, Florida – Evacuation & Road Closures, Rages On [video]

Brush Fire in Hudson Florida

A brush fire in the city of Hudson, Florida has prompted evacuations of nearly 150 – 250 people living in a mobile home park. The brush fire took off and burned out of control from a known amount of 15 acres, to 40 acres all the way to a confirmed 100 acres of burning forests and wild growth.

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Channel 13 News in Florida interviewed Dave Fogler from the Florida Forest Service who said, “We’ve got an area out here that hasn’t burned in probably 25 to 30 years, huge buildup of fuel, we’ve got illegal dumps out there. We’ve heard explosions from who-knows-what. So it’s a concern even going in there. We have our dozers plowing the perimeter. We’re going to end up having to burn the whole perimeter to get this thing secured tonight.”

Brush Fire Florida

The Florida fire started in Pasco County and has spread with fireman trying to get control of the fire. We’ve provided pictures of the mobile home park that has the brush, trees and weeds which have grown up quite tall and are burning pretty hot.

The sheriff from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents that are within a mile radius of the mobile home neighborhood to leave immediately and evacuate. The criteria seems to be that if you can see the fire or feel the heat from the burning brush fire in Hudson, FL you need to leave immediately.

Hudson Florida Brush Fire Map

We also found a user that uploaded a video on YouTube 1 hour ago of the smoke taking over their area. You can hear emergency vehicle sirens in the background approaching the disaster area in Florida.

Where there is smoke in Hudson there is fire.

There is a fire near by and we are getting a lot of smoke and ash right now. Also a lot of helicopter and siren noises. Never a sea breeze when you need one.

One person commenting on the video gave an account of see thing Hudson Brush Fire in person:

“I was driving a buddy to his car and we noticed the smoke so went to find where it was. We were the first to arrive at Club Wildwood and started to evacuate people. The fire rescue SUV showed up and my buddy and I did the street along the treeline and the fire rescue guy did the street perpendicular. I have never felt such heat… it was crazy hot inside those mobile homes and even on the street with the homes between us and the fire. Everyone along the treeline got out of there and are safe.”

Another person that left a comment on the video less than 50 minutes ago said they still saw flames in the Hudson mobile home park fire as big as 40 feet:

“We just drove by around nine o clock pm and there were forty foot flames, they were above the tree line. I couldn’t believe how much smoke there was. They’re evacuating the folks that live in the mobile homes. Bless whoever needs them. If they ask for volunteers I’m in.”

Mobile Home Park Brush Fire

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  1. Steven Whitworth | May 1, 2012 at 5:56 am | Reply

    I live on peace ave, right off denton. My wife and I saw the smoke and started to panic. Calling everyone we know to make sure they were ok. Crazy stuff happens.

    • Ben Dover | May 1, 2012 at 9:06 am |

      Thank you Steven Whitworth, that was very insightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333

    • Thanks so much for your post. Came home 1:30AM last night and found nothing on Verizon TV about this and Nothing in the Tampa Tribune today. Very scary when they don’t keep the public aware of emergencies in this area. Sorry I don’t have Bay News 9. which I’m sure kept the public aware.I live on the west side of 19 and the smell of smoke was in my throat and home all night .Thanks again.

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