Lauren Ufer now Lauren Tannehill rising to fame after NFL Draft [pics]

You might not have heard of her yet but you soon will hear about Lauren Ufer if you pay attention to the NFL. The NFL Draft has lit up the fame & modeling career of Lauren Tannehill.

The 2012 NFL Draft was covering Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M getting chosen by the Miami Dolphins when she gave a thumbs up and was on camera. That moment sent Lauren’s fame on Twitter spiking into a top Twitter trend and surging her Twitter following up to 6,500+ followers.

Lauren Ufer on ESPN

On Twitter Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) who does Sports BIZ on CNBC stated, “In the first 10 minutes after Ryan Tannehill was selected, there were more than 800 tweets about his girlfriend.”

The website helps chart the growth of Twitter accounts. Currently the site predicts that by tomorrow Lauren Tannehill’s Twitter account (@LaurenTannehill) will have 7,869 followers growing by at least 1,435 new followers. You can view the graph below:

Lauren Tannehill Twitter Growth

Clearly what has driven Lauren Ufer’s fame is her looks and she isn’t just learning that she might just have what it takes to be a model. Lauren has a portfolio at Page.713 which calls itself a Model & Talent Agency. The modeling agency is based out of Houston, Texas. They list Lauren with the following specs:

Height : 5’7″
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Green
Bust : 34 B
Waist : 25
Hips : 31
Dress : 0/2
Shoe : 7.5

Lauren has driven so much traffic to the Page.713 website that it’s currently not able to serve up the actual pages on the site. We caught a snapshot of what Lauren’s page on Page.713 looked like which you can see below:

Lauren Ufer Page 713

It seems that Lauren has picked up some gigs in the modeling industry from her portfolio as you can see her in the Da Vinci wedding catalog wearing wedding dresses in artistic settings. There are over 10 different wedding dresses that Lauren was modeling in the catalog.

Lauren Tannehill Da Vinci Bridal

So what does a hot model that is married to a future Miami Dolphins quarterback star dream about? What would Lauren Ufer’s dream home look like? We’re glad you asked. Lauren currently only has 25 followers on Pinterest but she’s sharing wedding ideas, her love for dogs with “Puppy Love“, her sense of fashion and things she wants to wear with “Fashionista“, her favorite junk food, desserts and food with “My Favorite of all FOODS“, Christmas ideas, what she wants someday which is currently empty, an Aggie Texas A&M Photo, craft ideas with “Creative and Cute“, her dream house and furnishings with “My Dream House” and what some girls may really want to know… Lauren Ufer’s beauty tips and tricks with her “Beauty Trix” Pinterest category.

Lauren Ufer Pinterest Account

If you’d like to see more pictures of Lauren Tannehill we’ve got a lot of her public pictures she has shared from her Twitter account below.

Lauren Tannehill Pics

Ryan Tannehill Lauren Tannehill Miami Dolphins at the NFL Draft


Lauren Tannehill in a bikini with her dog shared on Twitter:

Lauren Tannehill Bikini


Here’s a photo of Lauren Tannehill & Ryan Tannehill getting married on the beach:

Laruen Tannehill Ryan Tannehill Getting Married On Beach

Lauren Tannehill photos of her playing Jenga:

Lauren Tannehill going out to eat with husband Ryan Tannehill & friends she calls the Taylors on April 27th, 2012:


Lauren Tannehill Video Below:

NFL Draft: Ryan and Lauren Tannehill Shop the Adidas Store in NYC with RGIII

For potential top-ten pick Ryan Tannehill, that included a quick stop at the Adidas store in New York City for a few last second wardrobe additions and changes.

Tannehill was joined by his wife Lauren for their shopping foray, the better half of the Tannehill pairing acting as his fashion consultant.

A funny thing happened while Tannehill perused the midtown store – he met up with Heisman Winner, Robert Griffin III, who was in the midst of making a few purchases himself.

Griffin was likely looking for some burgundy and gold clad clothes, representing his likely future home of the Washington Redskins. As for, Tannehill, no word on whether he bought items with the brown and orange of the Browns or the tangerine and teal of the Dolphins.

Enjoy this behind the scenes look with Ryan Tannehill.

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