Nispero fruit seed plagues woman for 28 years, escapes lung cancer

Nispero Fruit Seed In Lung

Have you ever accidentally inhaled some type of food or possibly a seed? If so, you may want to listen up to this story of a Florida woman that was plagued for nearly 28 years from a Nispero Fruit seed she accidentally inhaled when yelling at her children.

Nispero Fruit Lung Cancer SeedThe woman is named Blanca Riveron and she had come across some disturbing news from her doctors. Blanca’s doctors told her that she might have lung cancer and would have to have surgery to get it removed. Ms. Riveron had been having coughing fits for as long as she could remember. The coughing led her to the doctor to get the lung cancer diagnosis.

Blanca had been given her second endoscopy and was nearing the time that she would have to have surgery for potential lung cancer. Blanca was actually sitting at a stop light in her car when she started to have a major coughing attack which she was used to. After a good round of coughing the Nispero seed came out and literally cured her.

The coughing that Blanca Riveron had been having for nearly 28 years? It’s gone. The labored breathing and inability to do things that require lots of air like blowing up balloons? That’s gone too. Blanca Riveron has been cured of her breathing and coughing issues with the luck of coughing up the seed that had sat in her lungs for 28 years.

WTSP 10News interviewed Blanca Riveron and she said, “I can breathe, I can sleep. My life has changed completely.”

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