Kickstarter Spoofed & Becomes Viral Video Hit Cracking At Bad Startup Ideas

Kickstarter Spoof

Who among us hasn’t yet received at least one, two, or ten Kickstarter requests from close friends and long lost acquaintances? The crowd funding website founded in 2008, has become the go to destination for creative types looking to finance their next big idea. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter then you’ve been asleep at the wheel while it rose to one of the top 1,000 sites in the world on

Start ups around the world are landing on Kickstarter to help fund their great ideas to hopefully unlimited heights. It goes without saying that all ideas are not created equal. A new, very necessary spoof takes aim at those Kickstarter projects that give you pause. You know, the ones that fund some guy’s idea of a new board game or a Brooklyn hop scotch collective.

“Nickstarter” – the hilarious new video from Los Angeles comedians Elisha Yaffe and Dave Horwitz, features Yaffe as “Nick” a guy who has started a Kickstarter project to, well…essentially to move out of his mom’s house. Nick just wants you to give him $1 for a head-knod on the street and he’ll take $10 for a FollowFriday (#FF) on Twitter. This Kickstarter Spoof is a funny take on how maybe we all could use some extra cash to get through life, why not use Kickstarter?

Produced for Yahoo and Principato-Young’s new weekly comedy series “Sketchy”, the short already has over 300,000 views over just two days. If Nickstarter is any indication, “Sketchy” is a must watch for any fan of internet comedy.

Check out “Nickstarter” below.

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