North Korea’s Nuclear Test Imminent, USGS Heliplot Shows Mysterious Activity

North Korea Nuclear Test April 25th 2012

North Korea has tested nuclear weapons underground two times in the past. The first time was in 2006 and the second time was in 2009. In the past North Korea had warned they would be performing nuclear tests and information was leaked to news outlets.

The first to be alerted to a North Korean nuclear test was Reuters in 2006 and they apparently had a source that told them a couple days before the test took place. This same source has confirmed a planned nuclear test underground in North Korea.

Everyone is pointing to a major potential nuclear detonation test date of April 25th, 2012 because it’s North Korea’s national “Army Day.” Army Day in North Korea has a lot of pride associated with it and seems to be a perfect day for them to show their might after their failed missile test on April 13th, 2012.

As the United States, South Korea and Japan closely monitor the North Korean nuclear situation rumbles on the Internet referenced a USGS chart that showed some disturbance in Korea from a seismograph. The Heliplot chart shows some activity that has yet to be explained. The Seismic Network Operations are based out of Inchon, Republic of Korea and seem to be inside the border of South Korea.

We’ve included a picture of the USGS chart above and you can check it out yourself at the official USGS site. If North Korea tests their nuclear capabilities underground the activity should show on USGS charts and alert people all around the world shortly after world leaders are alerted to the situation. It seems that in 2012 in a stand off in the Korea’s Pyongyang’s words are starting to turn into action.

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