Cherry Car Wash To Revolutionize Carwash Industry With Smartphone App & 5 Star Service

Cherry Car Wash

The car wash business just might get turned on it’s head if Cherry CEO Travis VanderZanden gets his way. Cherry Car Wash has just announced that they’ve raised $4.5 million on new funding in a Series A round led by Shasta Ventures. So how exactly is the Cherry Car Wash going to revolutionize the automotive car wash industry?

Cherry is providing mobile apps, first for iOS and iPhone and then Android in a future release for customers to summon a car wash. Let’s say you’re going out to the bar with friends, grocery shopping or even going to work, you can now get a car wash. It’s like a mobile car wash while you do other things. Mr. VanderZanden hopes that Cherry’s innovate on-demand car wash & auto detailing business helps people save time to spend more time with family.

The Cherry co-founder said in their company press release, “Cherry is much more than a carwash, It’s about using technology to save our customers’ valuable time and remove a painful chore from their monthly to-do list. If getting a Cherry carwash gives you even 30 extra minutes to spend with family or friends, then we’ll consider ourselves successful. The high-quality, mobile carwash you receive is really just icing on the cake.”

The main selling point or slogan for the mobile car wash company is, “We enable users to request a professional, on-demand car-wash from any location, for only $29.99. Our washers are thoroughly vetted and trained, so you can ensure that whether you’re grocery shopping, in a meeting, or simply laying on the couch watching a movie, your car is getting the rockstar treatment it deserves.”

Another selling point that might get certain potential customer excited is the green approach to the car wash business. Cherry claims to use eco-friendly solutions for their car wash system saving the environment while you get a clean car at the same time. Cherry states they, “use eco-friendly solutions and equipment designed to reduce water usage and runoff.”

Once you have the Cherry App you can use your GPS signal built into your smartphone to identify the location of your car. You list the type of car, license plate and color and request your car wash. You can actually pay online through the mobile carwash app and you never really even need to meet or see the car wash serviceman. The $29.99 pricetag also includes cleaning the interior of your car and an air freshener. You have to leave your car unlocked or go out when the Cherry worker arrives if you want that service.

The future growth of the company is rolling out to Mountain View, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Palo Alto and Menlo Park now after a successful test in San Francisco. It could be within a year if this rollout goes successful that you could be getting a high-end on-demand car wash anywhere you want in your city.

The Cherry site lists a straight up break down of How Cherry works.

  1. Are We Open? – Have your car washed anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. We’re open Monday through Sunday.
  2. Finding a Space – Park in any publicly accessible space with a 3ft perimeter around your car.
  3. One Flat Price – Have both the interior and exterior of any-sized vehicle washed for a flat-rate of $29.99.

The Frequently Asked Questions try to clear up any confusion on how the Cherry Car Wash service should work:

How do I request a carwash?

Check in online with your car’s current location to have your car washed right where you left it.

Can I leave my car doors unlocked?

You can leave your doors unlocked to have your interior cleaned at no extra charge. If you’re not comfortable with leaving your doors unlocked you can come out and unlock them when a washer arrives.

How will I know when my car will be washed?

We send your request to a washer nearby in real time and immediately give you two time estimates: One for when your washer will arrive and one for when your carwash will be complete. We also send you a text message to let you know when a washer arrives and another to let you know when your carwash is complete.

Do I need to lock my car doors when my carwash is complete?

We’ll lock up when we’re done. But in the event that your car can only be locked from the outside or with a key, you can lock back up once your carwash is complete.

Do I need to tip my washer?

No. Your rating is your tip. We reward our washers for a job well-done.

How do I pay for my carwash?

When you request a carwash for the first time, we ask for your payment information. We store your information securely and automatically charge your card after every wash.

Can I request a carwash when my car is parked in a carport or private parking garage?

Your car must be parked in a publicly accessible space to be washed by Cherry.

You can download the Cherry App from the iTunes store now and will be able to download it from the Google Play / Android Marketplace within a month. You can also visit Cherry to sign up for their service through Facebook.

Cherry Carwash In Action

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A New Kind of Car Wash

In the U.S. alone, car wash businesses recognized an estimated $19.64 billion in revenue in 2010. Enter Cherry, a the carwash that comes to you, ordered via app on phone or online. Cherry CEO Travis VanderZanden joins Digits to discuss.

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