Baby Born With 6 Legs in recovery [Pictures & Video]

Baby Born With 6 Legs

A couple that lives in Sukkur, Pakistan had a surprise two weeks ago when their baby was born. It was a baby born with 6 legs and at first a bit of a mystery. The condition is not unheard of and is experienced in about 1 in 1 million of babies born.

The baby’s name is Umar Farooq. Umar was born with four extra limbs on the base of the body. The parents rushed the infant to a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan when they noticed the baby was having troubles staying alive. Experts at the hospital actually asked foreign doctors what the best way was to treat the baby’s condition.

Watch the videos below (one with an 8 legged baby!)

The condition has several names when a baby is born with extra legs and limbs. The most common medical term is polymelia which creates supernumerary limbs and is the cause of cells not developing properly during embryonic development. The condition is also called a paristic twin. The condition is typically caused when two conjoined twins are inside a womb and one doesn’t survive. In this case, the other twin of the 6 legged baby, Umar Farooq didn’t survive and disintegrated but left behind the extra limbs. These were left growing on the remaining baby in the womb.

For more information about parsitic twins Wikipedia states this information on what exactly they are: “A parasitic twin (also known as an asymmetrical or unequal conjoined twin) is the result of the processes that produce vanishing twins and conjoined twins, and may represent a continuum between the two.Parasitic twins occur when a twin embryo begins developing in utero, but the pair does not fully separate, and one embryo maintains dominant development at the expense of the other. Unlike conjoined twins, one ceases development during gestation and is vestigial to a mostly fully formed, otherwise healthy individual twin. The undeveloped twin is defined as parasitic, rather than conjoined, because it is incompletely formed or wholly dependent on the body functions of the complete fetus. The independent twin is called the autosite.”

To be completely up front about this condition, it was reported by the New York Daily News that the couple that had the infant with six legs were actually cousins. It’s well known that when cousins and close family give birth to children there are more medical issues than normal. The family of this polymelia baby is lucky since the government offered to help.

The Pakistan Observer said that when the father, an X-ray tech found out the costs and complications of the surgery he decided to reach out to the Pakistan government for assistance. Imran Shaikh asked organization and the government if they would help pay for the cost because as he said, “We are a poor family. I am thankful to the government for helping us treating my baby.” It was later announced by the governor of Sindh that the 6 legged baby’s hospital expenses, including surgery would be covered by the government.

The doctors in Pakistan announced that surgery went well for the baby and the baby now only has two legs. A publication called Dawn produced in Pakistan interviewed Jamal Raza, the director of National Institute of Child Health in Karachi and said, “A team of five experienced doctors have successfully separated the extra legs and limbs from the baby today. He is very much safe and secure.”

We have both before and after photos of the baby with 6 legs and also video of the family & baby below The baby born with 6 legs pictures are graphic so please be warned!

Umar Farooq before surgery with six legs:

Six Legged Baby in Pakistan

Six Leg Baby after surgery recovering:

Six Leg Baby After Surgery

6-Legs baby Boy Born in Pakistan

Please note: We’re including the title of the video below but we’ve confirmed that this is definitely not the world’s first baby born with six legs!

Worlds first Baby Boy with 6 Legs born

“Breaking News” Six legged baby born Pakistan Doctors battle save million baby boy.Doctors battle to save one-in-a-million baby who was born with SIX legs.Baby was one half of a conjoined twin who did not completely develop in the womb.Doctors believe extra legs belong to twin brother.Tests being done to see if experts can operate.Parents of baby are cousins

We found another story on another parasitic twin that had 8 legs when born. This baby was called the 8 limbed baby and was featured on TLC.

TLC’s 8 Limbed Baby

My Shocking Story, explores the dramatic case of eight-legged (really both arms & legs) baby Rishabh Ghimire, who lived with a half-formed, parasitic twin feeding off his blood supply, putting a potentially life threatening strain on his heart. The time for separation has come, and it is to take place at Children’s Hospital LA, with paediatric surgeon James Stein. We follow Rishabh’s family’s emotional, medical and personal voyage from their remote village in Nepal to the bright lights of Los Angeles and to the world leading CHLA and, the medical journey of Dr James Stein and his crack surgical team, who’ve invited the family .

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  1. As a cucasian-american married to a Pakistani, I can confirm that marriage within a family, particularly 1st cousins is quite common, even celebrated there (in my experiences). What I can absolutely confirm is that I know of not a single child from these common marriages to have birth defects, much to my western-influenced surprise. However, while there I have seen many cases of severe deformations in aduts and children, to a shocking degree in severity and frequency. These occured within the poorest of families and areas, making it clear in my mind that levels of nutrition may be also considered as a cause (notice how many of the poorest of nations have such media reported cases), as well as diseases such as Polio (still quite common there). The article did state the family was poor and asked for government assistance. There are too many other factors at play within such countries which are outside of a westerners lifestyle to make immediate judgements based solely on inbreeding. I’m not a proponent of marrying within the family, I’m just saying there are other factors to consider before bashing cultures and drawing immediate conclusions based on a first-world perspective.

  2. I agree with the comment from ‘….’ about Royal families. They are all imbred. Society is very ignorant and needs to realize how the world is before making stupid comments. I also agree with Alex, you clearly are very educated 🙂 Thanks for the insight.

    For the rest who have nothing to do but talk shit about other countries, get a life.

  3. Wow… What do you think royalty has been all about?

  4. I’m 49, Australian and have researched and written lengthy reports on Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. I had a friend for 30 years who immigrated from that part of the world and this allows me to comment without prejudism. It is common practice to marry within the family clan. Inbreeding causes Birth defects. It is illegal in European countries to inbreed eg)Australia. The media only reports on some birth defects -no one wants to read old news- the same thing all the time. There are birth defects around the world but in a lot of those cases medications during pregnancy was to blame. The general consensus is don’t take medication while pregnant. In Afghanistan and other M.E countries the birth defects are significantly higher than that of European countries and are not made public to us and has not been reported in the media because it is not uncommon. Read and learn – Conjoined twins successfully separated in 20-hour operation Afghanistan Gemma McCluskie … and most complex operation yet for the twins. … history with conjoined twins. Staff there have separated three sets before. A fourth set died during …

    NB. On a personal level – I dont dislike my friend but her children are different being brought up in the household , they do not assimilate. Her children who were born here are more M.E than Aussie. She was not the only M.E that I knew. I now know to stay away from them for the safety of my children.

  5. The comment that I just wrote put some writing in red and when u click on it – it tells you to take something for your pregnancy to be a healthy one. You youngsters must not allow and have adds suggesting that u take anything while pregnant. I had 6 healthy births and took no medication. My husband kept saying to take vitamins and I wouldn’t even take them. Years later It was reported that some vitamins caused defects. Lucky for me I refused to take anything even the iron tablets that are commomly prescribed during pregnancy. My children are healthy with no problems or allergies. Do not let this site blind fold you into thinking that you need to buy this junk later in life when having children. Medication should not be taken unless you believe it to be a necessity. I dont disbelieve in medication just feel that too much of it is no good when sometimes it is not necessary. The point is think for yourself and make judgements. I had 5 homebirths with no medication or interferance but one was born in a hospital only because the midwife was at another birth. The nurses tried to get me to take 4 drugs within 20 minutes and I kept refusing even when they tried to justify them but it turned out that I never had anything and the child was born healthy.

  6. The baby’s father is an X ray technician… wonder if the multiple limbs is actually more due to him being exposed to x rays than his relation to his wife?!

  7. I agree with Chris as well. People are so ignorant and racist. ‘Inbreeding’ happens all over the world, including in America. So it is quite ignorant to assume they are related. People have the misconception that individuals from certain countries marry their relatives and beat up their wives, etc. I’m sorry, but I live in Canada and I hear about abuse cases all the time here. So to all you ignorant people, how about you educate yourself before you say anything that makes you look dumber than you actually are. Otherwise enjoy being idiots.

    • *Educate

    • Sarah’s right, inbreeding happens everywhere (whether intentional or not). We didn’t find out that my uncle and aunt were distantly related until their second daughter was born with a genetic defect.

  8. Wow Chris you’re 16 years old?! Please you must impart your life’s wisdom on us!
    The majority of cases like this in less economically developed countries are in fact a result of inbreeding either directly, or from further in the past. That’s life. And Arnold…that’s not the culture, it’s actually far more insulting to insinuate it is the culture of Pakistan to mate with your relative. I assure you that it’s not.

    • What your saying is based on a western schema of the rest of the world when it comes to cultural and economic development the truth is, most of these kinds of birth defects are from genetic abnormalities, chromosomal errors or random mutations, not from inbreeding. What results from inbreeding are diseases like hemophilia, not this. If what you are saying is true then genetics wise one of the parents would have had the genes to produce all these legs which is highly unlikely.

      And really what makes you an authority on the culture of Pakistan

      Arguing someone based on their age really is nothing but slander it has no meaning and you make yourself look like a bigot. Research has proved that people of younger age are in some ways more intelligent than adults

      if you want to see some evidence of how your idea of other cultures is off go and watch this video, try to keep an open mind and not comeback to this spewing misinformation

    • While I do agree with you J and people should no assume that its common practice just because its Pakistan. Chris is kinda right. There are culture where two cousin marrying wouldn’t be considered incest. In fact in a Patrilineal family, were family is traced through the father’s side. Meaning in a family the children belong to the dad’s side. So you could have two half sibling who both share the same mom and are related by blood but to certain people in that culture might not be related because they have different fathers. You guys can google it if anything. I just know because I just finished writting a 20 page paper on this for my anthropology class. Even so, like the article says that the chances of this happening are 1 in 1 million. This baby just happened to be the 1.

    • Well actually, being a caucasian Australian who has lived in India for over 5 years (whole culture is fairly similar to Pakistan), and having many friends who lived in Pakistan, I can honestly say that it is not uncommon for cousins or second cousins to be married there. However, when researching this subject, I found that it is not illegal for cousins to marry, strictly speaking, in Australia. Because arranged marriage is still relatively common in India(whist mainly assigned to lower and more traditional [yes, cultural] classes), it is not uncommon for the people to have actually been married from the age of 6 or even younger – this does not make news to the rest of the world – but it is a part of life for many in these cultures. Seiks and Farsi’s actually do it to preserve their bloodlines etc. and there are many of both in India.
      However, many Christian cultures in the US – including the Amish, are inbred. Look at the history of royal bloodlines in all Western cultures and you will likely find the same.
      It is sad, but whilst in this case the reason was likely cultural, there are many ways in which theirculture is better than some of our Western culture where, for instance, you have concerns that your children will get killed at school!

  9. Arnold go fuck your sister and see what happens.

  10. Arnold you think that inbreeding is part of a culture? How far do you want to take it? Is having babies with your daughter okay too as long as it’s part of your culture? Admit it Arnold you married your sister.

  11. I’m more impressed with the 8 legged baby. They’re like little Buddha dolls.

  12. Rare condition? If these cousins wouldn’t have had got in bed together this baby would have never been born an octopus. That’s what you get when you’re inbred.

    • That’s a pretty harsh comment to pass.
      I dont think it is fair for you to go and insult someones culture
      with a condescending comment.

    • Arnold you think that inbreeding is part of a culture? How far do you want to take it? Is having babies with your daughter okay too as long as it’s part of your culture? Admit it Arnold you married your sister.

    • Donnie, shut the hell up and grow up?
      Are you like 12 or something?
      Damn, im 16 and I at least am not some internet asshole like yourself.
      Seriously, if your going to look at this shit and be mature enough to handle it, dont be a idiot and call people out on being an “octopus”
      Im sorry, did you KNOW the parents are related by blood?
      Shut the hell up before you look more like a dumbass!

    • i agree with u…we all know not to mix same blood types or any RELATIONS from the same family…

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