A Beyonce GED Is Being Rumored After She Was Seen With A Laptop Outside An Education Center

Beyonce GED

The rumors are flying and the discussions are taking place on Twitter and all over the web about Beyonce. Is Beyonce going back to school to get her GED? A website that answers questions about finishing High school and how to get a GED is talking up the move as a role model that students could look up to.

The site makes a good point when they describe Beyonce’s situation financially and how it truly shows that this move is all about the education. GED or Diploma states, “As a millionaire on multiple fronts, she obviously doesn’t need it for the money, but she serves as a role model not just for her new daughter but also for legions of fans. Stepping up to get a GED sets a great example about the importance of completing your education.”

The rumor started when some pictures of Beyonce were taken clutching a laptop while entering the West 35th Street Alternative Education Complex in New York City. If a GED for Beyonce is in her future schedule, it’s going to be a busy one with Beyonce getting back in the limelight next month on Stage with Revel on May 25th, 2012.

Beyonce rose to fame by being one of the star singers from “Destiny’s Child” and was tutored during her career in that group. It was around 14 years old that Beyonce left high school to embark on her career which took her to stardom. Beyonce was tutored while she toured with Destiny’s Child but it’s never been known whether Beyonce graduated high school or got her GED.

There are a lot of opinions on Beyonce making this move with most of them being positive. Twitter gives a real view of how the outside world looks at this GED goal for Beyonce.









Beyonce Getting Her GED

Beyonce dropped out of high school when she was 15. She was tutored, but its not clear if she ever received her high school diploma. But yesterday, Beyonce was spotted walking into the NYC Adult Educational Complex. Media Takeout.com reports that Beyonce was carrying a laptop – and looked ready to start studying with the other students who were preparing for their General Equivalency Diploma, which is an alternative to a high school diploma.

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  1. MMM….. I guess her Dad was to busy pimping her out like the Jackson’s isn’t that what she said… about Joe Jackson …..at least they THE JACKSON’S are all educated. I hope Blue Ivy Mom aka Black poison continue her education and next time THINK before she decides to be a hypocrite.

  2. She could have been home schooled if she didn’t attend in person. I’m just saying!

  3. its sad it shws i had 2 work 2 pay the bills why didnt a tutor come along with the contract

  4. hw do u tell ur child wht 2 do when they pay the bills. her ed shd have come along with the deal tutors pep

  5. dam sham pr ents do tht 2 kids tutors pep

  6. she is show the world that education is more inportant.

  7. she as showed the world that education is the best.I love her

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