Krystal Rice Files $50 Million Lawsuit For Topless Photos

Krystal Rice Lawsuit

Deputy Krystal Rice has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Sheriff John Burns, Lt. Michael Peterson and Detective Steve Cote for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The lawsuit was filed at the Country Clerk’s office in New York on Monday. An investigation that was to help catch predators online, topless photographs were taken of Deputy Krystal Rice while on the job.

She was told when she joined the department that there was an online investigation of pedophiles and her photos were needed for her to pretend to be a 15 year old girl, and they were going to send them to predators if they requested them.

In a 45-page complaint Krystal Rice claims that she was promised the disk with the photos taken by Detective Cote back in 2006 and could be returned to her at any time, but even after years have gone by, she still hasn’t had access to the disk with her photos.

Attorney for Deputy Krystal Rice, Charu Narang said, “It didn’t stop at the photos. There was harassment, isolation, marginalization in the workplace also because she refused to go along with the advances that he had made to her and there were rumors being spread about her personally and professionally.”

Deputy Krystal Rice and Detective Steve Cote were alone when the pictures were taken. He drove her to Black River Bay Fishing Access Site in the Town of Hounsfield where he asked her to pose in a variety of ways. Some of those poses included her lifting her skirt to expose her thigh.

The lawsuit stated that, “Krystal Rice did not feel comfortable with this manner of posing, and felt that this type of photo was not what she agreed to when she signed the Contract. However, due to the fact that Rice was a recruit and Defendant Cote was an experienced officer, she agreed, because she believed Defendant Cote was an experienced officer and knew the types of pictures he “needed” to catch a pedophile.”

Krystal Rice claims that Steve Cote harassed her with text messages, as her marriage was breaking up, as well as spreading rumors about her marriage break-up. The lawsuit states, “Rice left the text messages unreported until March 2009, at which time Rice received a phone call from a man with whom she was having a relationship and he informed her that Detective Cote had told his mother that Rice “slept with half the department and if your son has had any sort of contact with her you need to tell him that he needs to have him tested.”

Attorney for Krystal Rice said, “It is outrageous and sad that in 2012 we as women and as individuals are witnessing this conduct.”

The Krystal Rice lawsuit can be viewed here:

Krystal Rice Files Lawsuit Video

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