Apple iCloud is Down for Less Than 1 Percent of Users

iCloud Email Down

Apple iCloud users were unable to access their iCloud mail this week. Users of iCloud mail were complaining that they couldn’t receive any type of email, not even Spam. Meanwhile, some users say pop-up messages were prompting them to purchase more capacity though they may not have been near their limit.

Apple issued an acknowledgement of the problem at 7:08 AM PT on Wednesday, noting that “<1%” of iCloud Notes and Mail users were affected. Users may be unable to access iCloud mail. Normal service will be restored ASAP.” According to a February 14, 2012 presentation by Apple’s Tim Cook, Apple now has about 100 million users that use iCloud.

An Apple Support Community page was created on April 17, 2012 to discuss the service outage. It now has over 170 replies from users that were affected by that Apple iCloud outage.

Robin J from the UK said, “It has been down in UK for 2 hours. I can’t access mail on iPhone, iPad or iMac using Mail client. I can see my mail in Safari through the iCloud website but I can’t open any emails. All other Internet services are working perfectly.”

Nicholas W in Tokyo posted, “Broken for me here in Tokyo too. No email at all received since yesterday afternoon (not even spam) and test messages sent to my account are not delivered. At one point there was a pop-up to tell me I was out of space on my iCloud account and to buy some more, but I’m not nearly filling my 25GB!”

Apple launched the iCloud service in October 2011 to replace the Mobile.Me services. The iCloud provides Apple users with 5GB free storage for music, docs and photos. It also stores all your contacts, calendar events and email then pushes it to your devices.

This week hasn’t been the best one for email services. On Tuesday, Google reported issues with its Gmail email client. That outage only affected less than 2 percent of the company’s users, or possibly as many as 7 million customers.

Apple iCloud Down

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