Best Dick Clark Interviews To Remember Him By After He Dies at 82

Dick Clark Interview

Dick Clark got his first job at 17 in radio and he never looked back. Everyone is mourning the passing of Dick Clark today who passed away on April 18th, 2012 at a Santa Monica, CA hospital. It’s reported that Mr. Clark died of a massive heart attack that he couldn’t pull through. Dick Clark was 82 years old when he died.

You can watch the best interview videos with Dick Clark Below

If you grew up in America then you either heard or saw Dick Clark on TV, heard him on the radio or listened to the music that he influenced rising in the charts. Dick Clark was the host of the “American Bandstand” which touted rock and roll as the best thing since sliced bread. American Bandstand started on the radio and later became a television hit where he hosted the show in TV.

The Washington Post claims that by the 30th anniversary of “American Bandstand” that nearly 600,000 teenagers and 10,000 performers had went on stage and appeared on the program. The show was able to get Dick Clark inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. The induction for Mr. Clark said that, “Dick Clark was significant in transforming the record business into an international industry and his weekly televised record hops — which predated MTV by 25 years — played an integral role in establishing rock-and-roll, keeping it alive and shaping its future.”

The amazing company the Dick Clark built was called Dick Clark Productions and was sold off to the Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder for $175 million dollars in 2007. The producing, which Mr. Clark said his main efforts were always going into brought about Television shows like “TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes” with Ed McMahon, “The $25,000 Pyramid”, “The Object Is”, “Missing Links” and more. The most famous show that Dick Clark Productions produced was, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” which became a New Years Eve classic that is shown still today on network TV. Ryan Seacrest has now taken over the main hosting of this New Years event.

With all of the accomplishments made by Dick Clark we wanted to make sure that you could see what Mr. Clark was remembered for. We have dug up some of the best Dick Clark Interviews to remember him by. Some of these interviews are Mr. Clark being asked questions and some of the interviews are some of the most popular and well known interviews that Dick Clark gave other celebrities. Enjoy these incredible interviews of the man that ignited Rock n’ Roll. For those want to see Mr. Clark’s last New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2012 appearance we have that below as well. Please let us know if we missed your favorite interview.

Dick Clark Interview (1959) on This Is Your Life

Dick Clark – Up Close with Patsy Smullin

Patsy Smullin of California Oregon Broadcasting Inc. (COBi) interviews Dick Clark.

Dick Clark Interview at his resteraunt, American Bandstand Grill in Bayside Miami

Dick Clark Acceptance Speech – 1994

Dick Clark Accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 21st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Daytime Emmy Awards tribute to American Bandstand and Dick Clark

From the Las Vegas Hilton, the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards pays tribute to the classic daytime TV show, American Bandstand and to the host with the most, Dick Clark. Ryan Seacrest hosts the segment which features the cast of Jersey Boys, Marie Osmond, Chubby Checker and Tony Orlando. With tributes from Simon Cowell, Cher, and many more.

Two Dick Clark Bloopers from The Pyramid

Dick Clark 2012 New Years Countdown

Dick Clark’s last New Year’s Even countdown in 2012 at Times Square.

A Tribute To Dick Clark

Dick Clark Dies At 82 and this is a tribute remembering dick clark rip Dick Clark. Dick Clark died april 18 2012.

ABC World News Now : Dick Clark Dead at 82

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