Pippa Middleton Gun Photo After Leaving Party

Pippa Middleton Gun Photo

Pippa Middleton was photographed in an Audi convertible with three guys, one of which was waving a gun around. She was being driven to the Gare du Nord station to board a Eurostar high speed train to London at the time the pictures were taken.

The pictures were captured on Saturday, as a freelance photographer took pictures from behind the car.  The unidentified driver started to wave and point what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol and closed one eye as he stared down the barrel at the photographer.  This took place hours after Pippa Middleton attended a fancy dress party in celebration of the 29th birthday for Arthur de Soultrait, a Paris fashion entrepreneur.

Mr Soultrait was seen sitting in the back of the Audi wearing a blue baseball cap. The driver of the car, who was waving the pistol, has not yet been identified, but is said to be keeping a low profile and hoping that everything will calm down.

Pippa Middleton, 28-years old, is the sister of Prince William’s wife Kate. “If the evidence points to her involvement, she will be prosecuted. Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation,” The Sun was told by a source.

If the gun turns out to be the real thing, waving it in a public place is punishable by up to seven years in jail for all parties involved. Now if it’s a fake gun that the driver was waving, the maximum jail term is two years.

Arthur de Soultrait and his brother Marcy were reported to be mortified by what had happened, and they plan on explaining themselves to the authorities about the situation.

The Sun’s royal editor, Duncan Larcombe said, “Pippa has been photographed; she’s been coached on how to behave.  If she’s photographed by an unwanted freelance photographer, she smiles, she keeps her head up and she lets the lawyers doing the arguing behind the scenes. She knows much better than this.”

Right now, France is on a heightened security alert after Islamic terrorist Mohammed Merah used a handgun to murder seven people, four of them children, last month. Two men were also arrested in Paris during the weekend in connection with four murders carried out with a pistol in the nearby Essonne department over the past five months.

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