Wichita Tornado & Thurman Iowa Videos & Pictures of Tornado Damage & Destruction

Wichita Tornado 3D Radar

The Wichita tornado that hit the Sedgwick County area has produced estimated damages of around $283 million dollars. Governor Sam Brownback gave residents credit for taking cover and taking the storm warnings, tornado watches and tornado warning alerts seriously. Deaths in Wichita have so far been reported at zero with injuries and hospitalizations being estimated still.

Now that Twitter and Facebook have such a large membership storm coverage has become an interesting spectacle as residents, storm chasers and news weathermen distribute alerts and pictures in real-time. We scoured Twitter & Facebook for citizen coverage of the Wichita tornado as well as some damage from the Thurman Iowa tornado that reportedly destroyed nearly 75% of the entire town.

Wichita Tornado ChaserThe first video of the Wichita tornado is from April 14th, 2012 footage from Brandon Redmond at KDR Media. Brandon caught the Wichita, Kansas tornado in a 2010 Toyota Highlander and drove through the entire storm and witnessed the tornado reaching it’s peak right around their car. This video is a little small but shows really detailed accounts of debris including the windshield getting cracked from the tornado winds. The description and insights are shared directly below the video.

Wichita ChaserTV TornadoThe next video was also filmed from the 04/14/12 Wichita Kansas tornado from HotWired1954 and ChaserTV.com. This video isn’t as clear but definitely shows a lot of debris flying through the air and rain pelting the windshield.

New technology from meteorologists allows you to see a different view on the tornadoes and how they actually looked when hitting areas like Wichita and Thurman, Iowa. A Meteorologists named Rob Hart (@rqhart) shared a photo of the 3D Radar Image of velocity (wind) data as the tornado moved through Wichita and Sedgewick County in Kansas. You can view the image at the top of our article.

Another photo we’re sharing here was from Jeff Herndon (@Herndon10) of part of an airplane in a field near Spirit Aero in Wichita from the tornado damage. Wichita is known for its aviation research and production from multiple companies. Areas that were hit in Wichita, KS from the thunderstorms and tornadoes were McConnell Air Force Base, Spirit AeroSystems and a mobile home park called Pinaire Mobile Home Park.


A Wichita Eagle photographer was on the scene at the Wichita Pinaire Mobile Home Park and trying to get photos of the damage. Travis Heying (@travisheying) was sending out updates on Twitter and revealed this Tweet: “Total destruction at trailer park south off 47th and Clifton. Hear people in ruble. Natural gas fire burning.


We’ll be updating this page with new photos, videos and updates from residents that were part of the midwest tornado outbreak that rolled through the plains of the US. If you have a photo you’d like us to share just leave a comment or use our contact form.

04-14-12 Brandon Redmond Wichita, KS Tornado

Actual Tornado Debris footage starts at around 7:50 if you want to skip to that!

In Brandon’s own words: “This is a video taken in HD 1080P quality from a GoPro on top of our chase car in Southern Wichita, Kansas. As we were chasing the storm, we lost data and got stuck in the South side of Wichita in the industry section of town. As winds began to pick up, we realized we needed to get out of dodge and that is when the tornado struck us. The tornado briefly lifted the car (A 2010 Toyota Highlander) off the ground as all 5 of us were fearing for our lives and hunkered down protecting our heads in the car. The tornado did crack our front window, took part of our roof rack and left debris embedded in our grill and front window.”

April 14 2012 Wichita Kansas Tornado

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. I recorded this. I recorded on my computer. It is Swat weather chasers cam. Chasertv.com. that noise that sounds like a fluffy was in the recording. It was not me…lol I taped later too. They went back to the location and police told them to stop taking pictures…I got this though. I will upload that one too, if anybody is interested. Seems like this “factory” is heavily guarded. Hard to tell what blew from there.


SWAT was founded by Brad Maushart and meteorologist Brandon Redmond. SWAT (Severe Weather Alert Team) not only chases severe and inclement weather, but provides real time updates to media outlets, the National Weather Service and to the general public. SWAT recently signed a partnership with WXIN Fox 59. SWAT is looking for partners/sponsors to help fund our excursions. If you are interested, please visit the Sponsorship page.




TOR:CON 9 Wichita Kansas as storm enters the town

Storm hits Iowa hospital, tornado warning issues for Wichita

Thurman Iowa Tornado Damage Video & Footage From Omaha.com


The Wichita Eagle has a good slideshow of quality pictures here.


















April 14 Tornado – Great Bend to Salina, Kansas

This incredible footage was shot while a perfect supercell storm developed in South Central Kansas and passed south of Great Bend and continued on toward and north of Manhattan before dissipating. We witnessed several tornadoes over a two hour period.

Aerial Footage from the Wichita Eagle of damage at Ottaway Amusement Inc. and Kansas Aviation Museum here.


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