Taconite Shooting Ruled An Accident After Man is Shot In Chest

Taconite Shooting

A man named William Arthur Hanson was in Taconite, Minnesota talking with a friend in a mine dump. As the two were having a conversation Mr. Hanson leaned up against his truck discharging his gun.

After police investigated the scene they found at that Mr. Hanson was having troubles with his gun jamming and those troubles most likely lead to the Taconite shooting. The shooting in Minnesota was ruled an accidental death.

Taconite Mine Dump Shooting

Itasca County Sheriff’s Office helped escort the Minnesota man to the hosptial. Meds One Ambulance and Taconite Fire Department also assisted on the call. Once William Hanson reached the hosptial he was pronounced dead.

The Taconite shooting happened around 12:45pm on Wednesday April 11th, 2012. The 911 call came into the Itasca Count Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Hanson was reported to be 69 years old.

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