Man Kills Daughter & Wife in Cracker Barrel Shooting & Other Daughter in Critical Condition


Cracker Barrel Shooting

A Cracker Barrel shooting in Brooklyn, Ohio took place on Thursday, April 12, 2012 leaving three dead and one in critical condition.

Kevin Allen, shot and killed his daughter, 10-year old Kerri Allen, on her 10th birthday and his wife, Katherina Allen. He also injured the couple’s other daughter, 10-year old Kayla Allen, leaving her in critical condition.

According to reports, Katherina Allen called 911 from inside Cracker Barrel saying that her husband was upset because she told him she was leaving him. Kate Allen told the dispatcher, “I told him I was leaving him, and he… he had, he went outside or whatever, he was circling the restaurant.”

Kate Allen told the dispatcher they had went to the restaurant together, but drove separate cars.

The dispatcher then asked Kate Allen, “Does he have any weapons on him that you know of, or own any that you know of so our officers can be prepared.” Kate Allen responded, “I know I saw some shotgun shells. He had a shotgun, but he told me he got rid of it.”

When the police arrived they heard gun shots, Kevin Allen, 51-years old, had entered Cracker Barrel with a long gun and shot selectively at his family. Police Chief Scott Mielke said officers shot Kevin Allen after they ordered him to surrender and he didn’t comply. He died at the scene.

MetroHealth Medical Center spokeswoman Shannon Mortland says 10-year-old Kayla Allen is in critical condition.

MetroHealth Medical Center spokeswoman Shannon Mortland says 10-year-old Kayla Allen is in critical condition.

Kayla’s family issued the following statement:  “Kayla Allen is in critical condition at MetroHealth. We will not be providing further information at this time. We would like to thank the staff at MetroHealth for their care and support during this difficult time. Please respect our privacy as we focus on Kayla’s recovery.”

Cracker Barrel Spokesperson Julie Davis released the following statement:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the family of those killed and injured in this tragic incident at our Brooklyn, Ohio store. Cracker Barrel is fully cooperating with local police in their investigation and, for the time being, our store will remain closed until the investigation is complete and we are able to repair any damage. This appears to be the result of a domestic dispute amongst two guests, and no Cracker Barrel employees were involved. We are grateful to the police for their quick response and to our store manager for his/her efforts to protect our guests and employees by escorting them out the back of the store and out of harm’s way. The safety of our guests and our employees is our top priority, and a team of senior Cracker Barrel executives has arrived at the store to provide support to our local employees and to assist authorities in any way necessary.”

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