Rocket Launch Unha-3 by North Korea Has Failed, Confirmed [video]

North Korea Unha 3 Launch Failed

North Korea claims that they were just trying to celebrate the 100th anniversary birthday of their late leader, Kim Il Sung. The missile was called Shining Star and was said by North Korea to contain a weather satellite. It has been confirmed less than one hour after the launch that the rocket launch by North Korea has failed.

North Korea decided to fire the rocket off after condemnation from the United States and even China. It has been suspected that the rock could have contained a nuclear device that could be detonated or be a test to better improve their ballistic missile technology.

It was reported from multiple sources that US Official say the launch was likely to have failed. South Korean defense officials have been monitoring the situation closely as they look at the potential ballistic missile test as a threat to their country.

The Los Angeles Times are reporting the US Officials claim the failed missile launch was due to the rocket breaking apart right after launch. The technology used for this specific launch was from North Korea’s research on their Taepodong missile for long-range attack.

The controversy which has been covered by Secretary of Defense Hillary Clinton a lot became even worse after talks in February 29th, 2012. The talks between the US and North Korea stated that if North Korea launched their missile they wouldn’t receive 240,000 tons of food aid. The food aid was cancelled when it was apparent that the new leader of the country, Kim Jong Un was set on letting the rocket launch happen.

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams Report on the North Korean Rocket Launch Failing:

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CNN’s report on the North Korean Unha-3 failing:

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