Baby Alive in Morgue, Argentinian Parents Find Her Shaking, Doctors Stunned

Baby Alive in Morgue

It sounds like a horror story but this remarkable story really happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A newborn baby stayed alive inside a morgue refrigerator for nearly 12 hours straight. The baby was pronounced dead about 20 minutes after being born to mother, Analia Bouter.

The baby was born premature after only being carried for 26 weeks during birth. The doctors had trouble finding the babies vital signs after she was born. The Mercury News reports that the Hospital’s Medical Director, Jose Luis Meirino said, “the facility has strict procedures and the girl was born “with no apparent vital signs.” The newborn was attended by obstetricians, gynecologists and a neonatologist.”

Once the Argentinian baby was born she was sent to the morgue in a coffin. The morgue is refrigerated and apparently slowed down the metabolism of the baby which everyone thought wasn’t there in the first place.

So how did the baby alive in the morgue get found before she died completely? The mother and father of the baby requested to see the baby 12 hours after she was pronounced dead. The coffin was opened up and the mother, Analia Bouter reached out to touch her dead baby’s face. When Analia touched the baby’s face she trembled and started to cry out loud. There were a couple moments of disbelief before the mom collapsed on the floor.

Later when Analia Bouter was interviewed about how she found her baby and said, the babies body was so cold to the touch that “it was like carrying a bottle of ice.” The baby is no in intensive care and will likely be there a long time to recover and before being released. Premature babies in this stage have small chances of surviving but considering this baby was alive in the morgue refrigerator you can believe that she’s quite a fighter.

A miraculous return to life

A miraculous return to life: The parents of a baby who was declared dead at birth say they found their child alive twelve hours after she was put in a coffin.

The mother, Analia Bouter, said she was never given a chance to look at her baby after the hospital declared her dead. The infant’s parents went to a local morgue to say farewell to their baby. There, in a bid to see their child for the last time, they opened the casket finding out that the child was still alive. The baby, born a week ago, is reported to be in stable condition now.

Visión Siete: Luz Milagros: Qué pasó con la beba

Entrevista a Bernardo Chomski, coordinador de Asumen. Una beba que nació en forma prematura en el Hospital Perrando de Resistencia, Chaco, fue dada por muerta y enviada a la morgue, donde permaneció 12 horas y fue encontrada viva por sus padres, que insistieron en verla. Analía Bouter, la madre de la niña, aseguró que por la noche fue con su esposo hasta “donde estaba el cajoncito” y allí el hombre “hizo palanca” y lo abrió. “De golpe sentí un gemido, estaba tapadita y llena de escarcha”, relató la mujer. La beba seismesina se repone en una incubadora, se encuentra en “estado reservado”. Seis profesionales del hospital fueron separados de sus cargos. Emitido por Visión Siete, noticiero de la TV Pública argentina, el miércoles 11 de abril de 2012.

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