AlgaeCal Plus Touted By Dr. Oz For Frail & Weak Bones

AlgaeCal Plus Dr. Oz Recommendation

A lot of people look to Dr. Oz for advice as he reveals easy ways for people at home to take care of themselves. On April 12th, 2012 on Thursday The Dr. Oz Show tackled the issue of frail bones.

As we all age our bones start to lose their strength and become weak and frail. Some people even develop osteoporosis which is described by PubMed Health as the thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density over time. In fact, researchers estimate that about 1 out of 5 American women over the age of 50 have osteoporosis.

Doctors often recommend a change in diet and taking calcium supplements and vitamin D to help you gain back strength in your bones. Dr. Oz mentioned a company on his show called AlgaeCal that produced a unique type of calcium supplement in their leading product that was shown on the show called AlgaeCal Plus. Another complimentary product by the same company called Strontium Boost is supposed to provide extra mineral support.

One of the reasons many people in the US die so young is because our bones become frail and we get injured said Dr. Oz. If you can make your bones stronger and more healthy overtime you’ll be able to prevent more injuries in the future.

AlgaeCal Plus and StrontiumWe looked into the AlgaeCal products to see how they were described by the company. On a retail website we found here the company described AlgaeCal Plus as, “a plant source of calcium and vital bone building minerals such as magnesium, boron, silica, strontium and more…. All derived from a South American Algae called Algas CalcareasTM. Algas Calcareas is USDA and IFOAM certified organic, making AlgeaCal the perfect calcium supplement for Vegans and Vegetarians. This whole food calcium complex is also enhanced with the essential bone supporting ingredients, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and Boron glycinate to create the clinically proven bone health builder, AlgaeCal® Plus.”

Reviews are important when trying to figure out whether you should actually buy products that people are touting. We found public reviews on the AlgaeCal product and will provide a few of them for you below.

This person calls themselves A. Harper from California and says this about AlgaeCal Plus, “This is the only Calcium I will take. After years of trying everything, I settled on this one during my postpartum period in 2009, and continued taking it through a 2nd pregnancy and now nursing my daughter on demand. I have no problems with my bone health anymore, which a lot of women get when they are pregnant/lactating and not taking in a lot of good quality calcium. My teeth are no longer sensitive . I just feel much better and my bones are stronger… and my little newborn gets it in the breast milk! I highly recommend this!”

This other person named Nana left this review about taking AlgaeCal Plus for osteoporosis, “Broke both wrists Jan. 11, 2009. Saw the innumerable x-rays of wrists taken in next 4 months. Healed by April 30. Rebroke right wrist May 30. Knowing I have osteoporosis, I looked for a source of calcium, that would improve the healing this time. Saw ad on internet for Algea Cal and strontium boost and bought both. Took them for next month. Was amazed when I saw the next x-ray. Asked ortho doctor what the white spots all around the wristbone on the x-ray were (having never seen them before). He said it was the calcium being absorbed by my wrist bone. Amazing! Healed in 2 months this time: only half the time.”

Another person says after taking this product they notice differences in more than their bones but their nail strength and growth as well. They state, “I have been using this product off and on for around a year now. I have seen noticeable differences in things like my nails and such when taking this product as compared to regular calcium supplements and notice a decrease in nail strength and growth when I neglect taking it for a couple weeks. Please go to their website and read their research. It really speaks for itself. Hopefully their will be a subscribe and save option available soon as I find I forget to order it regularly until I notice I am out!”

The studies that have been done on this natural calcium supplement collected from algae plants has said that bone density tests have improved after taking these pill supplements for just 6 months. The recommended dosages that Dr. Oz mentioned on the show was 1 capsule three times a day. We recommend you follow the directions on the bottle.

Either way this sounds like a great product that you can use at home to take care of weak and frail bones as you age. With so many people reaching that age where their bones are starting to show age it makes sense products like this are becoming important and popular.

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  1. Thanks for this Algaecal review from Dr Oz. The fact that the company also has a 6 month guarantee is really reassuring, and they also have studies on their website which prove that their plant calcium works.
    I see the difference and Algaecal sounds great.

  2. Ruth Phyland | April 18, 2012 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    I am currently taking FOZAMAX and have done for many years, however, my condition (Osteoporis) has not improved, in fact, it has worsened, my Dr just says to keep taking it, but I would like to try something else, if I choose your products, would I still need to take my present medication? Kind Regards, Ruth

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