Wonderlic Test Result Leaked For Morris Claiborne, 4 out of 50

Morris Claiborne Wonderlic Score

Rumors started spreading today abotu Morris Claiborne scoring fairly low on his Wonderlic Test at the combine. The first place to break the story was The National Football Post. The score is being rumored to be the lowest Wonderlic score by a draft prospect but ESPN claims Iowa State running back Darren Davis ties Morris Claiborne’s score of a 4 out of 50.

The average score for an NFL Draft player is a 21 out of 50. Some popular players scores are John Elway 30, Dan Marino 16, Drew Bledsoe 37, Steve Young at a 33. The highest score earned was by Ryan Fitzpatrick who plays for Buffalo with a 50 out of 50.

The low score isn’t just a big deal because it could be a red flag that Morris Claiborne is hanging low on the totem pole of intelligence, it’s a big deal because he’s the highest rated cornerback in the NFL Draft. Some commentators feel this could be a blow for Morris and push him down the board during decision making.

Some people feel that the score won’t have much effect on Morris Claiborne in the draft like WR Kendall Wright, Baylor said on CBS Sports: “I worry about natural IQ levels less at wide receiver (and cornerback) than at any other positions so I don’t worry that a poor showing in this test could push Wright (or Claiborne, for that matter) down the board.”

Bus Cook who is Morris Claiborne’s agent claimed he knew nothing of the score and wanted to know how it got leaked. Cook told an ESPN NFL Insider, “I haven’t talked to anybody about it. All I know is that [Claiborne] was from a complicated defensive system and he flourished in it. I’ve never seen any sort of deficiency in him.”

If you’re curious what the Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Ability Test is, we’ll provide you a description straight from Wonderlic below. It’s been used in the NFL for about 30 years at this point. One thing that makes these scores useless according to the Huffington Post is that, “while the prospect is at a training center preparing for the Combine, he takes a version of the test sometimes 4-5 times a week for up to 6 weeks.” This means that the players almost get coached through the test and trained to take it.

Wonderlic Tests are described on their site as, “Including the Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Ability Test in your hiring process can improve employee productivity and reduce turnover—saving you time and money by lowering recruitment and training costs.
The Classic Cognitive Ability Test helps measure general mental ability, widely accepted as being one of the single best predictors of job success. It helps measure a candidate’s ability to understand instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems and handle the mental demands of the position.”

You can get some Wonderlic Test Sample Questions from the Wonderlic website below:

Wonderlic Test Sample Questions


Once someone has been administered the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test their score is put onto the 0 to 50 chart. We’re providing a snapshot of the chart so you can see where at 4 out 5 would be on this chart compared to the rest of the population. Maybe Morris Claiborne should take it 4 – 5 more times and improve it to an 8?

Wonderlic Sample Report

Here’s ESPN’s discussion about Morris Claiborne’s 4 out of 50 Wonderlic Score:

The Combine: NFL’s Use of the Wonderlic Test

Get an insider’s view on “The Wonderlic Test.” Listen as players and coaches discuss their experiences with, and opinions of, the test.

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