Mega Millions Winners In Kansas, Illinois & Maryland for Friday 3/30/12 Drawing

Mega Millions Winning Numbers 3-30-12

If you live in Maryland, Illinois or Kansas you may want to be double checking your Mega Millions ticket numbers to see if you’re the winner. The locations of where the winning tickets were sold have been released for Illinois and Maryland. Kansas is not required to release the winning location and can let the Mega Millions winner remain anonymous.

7-11 Mega Millions MarylandFor the Maryland location the winning ticket was sold at a 7-Eleven in Milford Mill, MD. This is a city that is near the big metro area of Baltimore, Maryland.

For the Illinois location the winning ticket was sold in a small farmtown in a town called Red Bud. Red Bud, IL has a convenience store called Motomart and they haven’t seen the winner walk in the door yet.

Reuters was able to get an interview with Motomart in Redbud, Illinois and it revealed the excitement that the store owners are in as well. Any store that sells a winning ticket receives $500,000 to the owner. The Manager and owner of Motomart is named Denise Metzger and she received an early phone call from Mega Millions lottery officials.

“I screamed, I woke my husband up. I think everyone in town has been here already,” Mrs Metzger said. As soon as people started ot hear of the winner in the small town of 4,000 population they stood in lines to get in the store to check their tickets. So far that winner is still hiding out in town and hasn’t been identified, which is probably a smart idea for them.

The Kansas Lottery has not released specific information of the store location that sold the winning MegaMillions ticket in KS but has given a general location. The winning Kansas ticket was sold in the northeast of Kansas. Kansas law gives all lottery winners the right to remain anonymous. Other states like Illinois require that winners have to be listed on public record and officially announced.

There were a total of $1.5 billion dollars in tickets sold for the Mega Millions lottery drawing. The three winners of the Mega Millions 3/30/2012 drawing will have a ticket value of $213 million before taxes are removed. If the lump sum option is chosen and all taxes are taken out a winner would end up with roughly $105 million to live with.

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