Mega Millions Primm, Nevada Line Is 5 Hour Wait & Mile Long

Mega Millions Primm Nevada Line

People are driving across the desert in Nevada from Las Vegas and all cities around to the edges of the state. Why the long drive, why are people standing in lines that wrap around buildings with five hour waits? The Mega Millions lottery has people so worked up that they are trecking across the state in hopes they’ll win.

Nevada and Utah don’t have the Lottery tickets for MegaMillions so people are often choosing Primm, NV as the closest location to get their lotto tickets. The hot spot is Primm Valley Casino Resorts Lotto Store which actually sits in California right over the border. Since California takes part in the Mega Millions drawing Nevada residents can get their tickets here.

A story at says that at the Primm Nevada Resorts location, “One person, a Las Vegas boxer…bought $20,000 worth Thursday.” After waiting for five hours in line the boxer walked up to the counter and purchased twenty-thousand dollars in Mega Millions tickets.

The payout for a winner of the Mega Millions drawing would win a record $640 million dollars from their ticket. The odds of winning the Mega Millons jackpot is 1-in-176 million. From the Mega Millions press center they describe this drawing as a major historic lotto drawing that will beat all others. They state:

“The Mega Millions jackpot has reached historic proportions. With no jackpot winner in Tuesday’s drawing, the jackpot for March 30, 2012 is an estimated $640 million. This is the largest lottery jackpot in world history, surpassing the previous record of $390 million.

If one ticket matches all six numbers for the half-billion dollar mega-jackpot, the winner would have the choice of receiving the full jackpot in 26 annual payments of about $24.6 million, or a cash option of approximately $462 million.

“Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing will truly be a spectacular event in lottery history and provides an unprecedented opportunity for players to take a chance on a half-billion dollar dream for just the $1 price of a ticket,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery and lead director for the Mega Millions group.”

Watch videos of thousands of people waiting in line at the Primm, Nevada Lotto store below:

This guy on a motorcycle claims the Mega Millions line in Primm, Nevada is a mile long. The line splits into two different lines.

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