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Karly Sheehan’s Murder, Karen Spears Zacharias Book ‘A Silence of Mockingbirds’ Tells the Story



Karly Sheehan Picture

Karly Sheehan’s murder has a story. Karen Spears Zacharias has wrote a book about the three-year old who lost her life because she was beaten to death.

What’s interesting is that Karen Spears Zacharias had actually been living with Karly’s mother, Sarah at one time. The two had ended their friendship before the abuse began, but once she heard about Karly Sheehan’s murder, she began investigating how it happened. Her book, A Silence of Mockingbirds, tells the story.

Karla (Karly) Isabelle Ruth Sheehan was born January 4, 2002 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Oregon to her parents David and Sarah Sheehan. The following summer, David and Sarah got a divorce, but continued to share custody of Karly. In September 2004, Sarah met a man named Shawn Field. They began to date and moved in together. Shawn Field was extra controlling over Sarah and their finances as well as Sarah’s daughter, Karly Sheehan.

When Karly Sheehan would go to daycare, she would sleep for hours as if she was exhausted from not sleeping that night before. In October 2004, Sarah brought Karly to daycare with her hair cut short. Little by little she started to lose her hair until she had bald spots. Karly had stopped crying for her mother when she was dropped off at daycare and would cry out for her father instead.

On November 16, 2004 Karly Sheehan told a daycare worker, Delynn Zoller that she was being hit:
“My dad hits me all the time,” Karly said.
“What?” The daycare provider asked shocked.
“Yes, he hits me on the head all the time.”
“Daddy David?” asked Delynn.
“Yes,” responded Karly. “You need to talk to my daddy.”
“What should I say?” Delynn asked.
“You need to tell him, ‘No! He needs to stop hitting me,” Karly told Delynn.

The daycare worker, Delynn Zoller called DHS to report Karly’s abuse that same day. DHS reported that when she was on the phone with Delynn, she could hear Karly in the background asking when her Daddy was going to pick her up. Delynn told Karly “Oh honey, your mommy is coming to get you tonight.” Karly starting to cry severely and say, “I want my daddy, I want my daddy.”

DHS opened a case of Karly’s suspected abuse. They suspected either her father, David, her mother, Sarah, or her mother’s boyfriend, Shawn Field. Sarah denied leaving Karly alone with her boyfriend, Shawn, but acknowledged that her move in with him may be the reason for Karly’s behavior. In December 2004, Karly Sheehan began to spend more time with her father, David and was starting to improve.

On December 7th, 2004 DHS closed the case. “Based on the information I learned in my investigation, I do not believe Sarah or David are physically abusing Karly; nor anyone else I identified.”

Sarah Sheehan moved into her own apartment soon after and promised Karly wouldn’t be around Shawn. Begin January and April 2005, Karly was doing really well with no bruises and all her hair grown back.

In April 2005, Karly started to have bruises on her body again and was getting anzious. David became suspicious that Sarah was seeing Shawn again.

David had a job opportunity in Portland, Oregon so Sarah agreed that Karly was happier with him and she could move with him. The move was to happen that next summer, 2006.

On May 30, 2005, Sarah Sheehan had bought groceries and was going to take them to Shawn Field’s house. Once Karly heard that, she threw up and had a panic attack once they arrived at his house. A couple of days later, Sarah left Karly alone with Shawn for the night. When Sarah went to pick her up that next morning, Karly had a large bruise on her eye and was swelling it shut and bruised feet. Shawn said she had jumped off the bunk bed.  Karly Sheehan Pics

On June 3, 2005, Sarah was trying to find out what was wrong with Karly so she used play therapy. That’s when Karly asked if she could go be with Jesus. Sarah still left Karly with Shawn for a couple of hours and when she came back, she found Karly laying lifeless on the bedroom floor. One of her eyes were bruised and swollen shut. June 3, 2005, Karla Isabelle Ruth Sheehan was pronounced dead.

Karly had 60 separate injuries from head to toe. She had “substantial trauma to the head, physical symptoms consistent with asphyxiation by smothering.”

On November 8th, 2006 Shawn Field was convicted of Karly Sheehan murder. He was sentenced to 46years in prison. In May 2007 Karly’s law was passed to help other child abuse victims.

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Online games affect child’s psychological growth and behavior




How to stop kids from being addicted to online gaming

People can connect to people from other parts of the world in so many ways both paid or not. We can get connected through favorite social media apps, dating sites, and for the younger ones they compare themselves with others through online gaming.

The advancement of technology has evolved from simple forms to very impressive ones that have taken these sites including video games to a higher level. With today’s innovative technology, these games already come in features you never know that existed.

Meanwhile, online gaming has been one of the most popular on children and even young adults as their past-time activity while others play for a living.

Although, the problem on these online platforms is that at times it can be addictive for others and could cause violence in the long run—there are risks when these sites are used in the wrong way. Most of those who are affected by these issues are our children, and the numbers of these cases have gone out of hand around the world.

Studies show that when children are exposed to too much screen time or play time online causes harm to their behavior, and their psychological and physical growth.

It affects the way they speak, interacts, and respond to people and things around them. They tend to live their ‘real life’ as if it is one of their games.

Sadly, most reports are connected with violence and misbehavior in their homes and schools. It will only be a matter of time when children forget that they need to communicate with real people and the real world.

Accordingly, this happens to a lot of children from around the world, and the solution to this unruly behavior is only one thing—that is ending their addiction to online games. But how can we benefit the advantages of new technology and not its wrong sides?

As parents and educators, we should be the first ones to set the limit for our children by letting them see that there is more to life than their lives in online games. We play a vital role in their behavior and how they use the internet; while it is true that not everything we see on the internet is terrible, but what we do not understand is what causes the wrong turns.

We can reduce the risks of children getting addicted to games by understanding that social media and online games are not solely the root of it all, but when our lifestyle gets disrupted by it, it will be safe to conclude that it might be the cause of changed behavior.

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Michelle Obama Shares About Her Miscarriage In Her Book “Becoming”




Michelle Obama spoke about her miscarriage 20 years ago. She told Good Morning America that she had been feeling lonely and lost since her miscarriage happened. This is something she hid for so long. But now Mrs. Obama has spoken about it boldly in her memoir “Becoming” which is set to be released on Tuesday. In her book, she talks about her life, family, marriage, and politics. This one of the most awaited books in political history as it ranks as the best-seller on Amazon.

On her miscarriage, she mentioned how it had crippled her to open up about it since she felt like couples do not usually discuss it. She said that she suffered the feeling of being a failure and acknowledge that feeling of brokenness due to this event in her life and marriage.

The pain a mother feels for her lost child can never equal to any pain an ordinary person would feel. It is the death of a supposed ‘bundle of joy’— the death of what could have been happiness. Millions of women around the world could tell how it pains them to lose a child and she is one of them. As she writes boldly about her unwanted phase in life, she wishes to reach women of the same circumstances. Mrs. Obama also revealed that they had their 2 children, Sasha and Malia, through in-vitro fertilization.

In her book, she not only shared about her sadness and grief about her miscarriage but she also shared about her falling in love, their first kiss, and how it all started. How she met her husband and how she coped up being one of America’s first lady for years – something that is now written in books for a lifetime.

Mrs. Obama also opened up about her thoughts on racism which she experienced first-hand from people around the globe. Being America’s first black first lady did not come that easy on her. She and her family had to deal with years of agony, but now with all pride and confidence, she has found her peace knowing that they have made a significant impact on the nations. Brave enough to face fears and the norm.

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Research Shows Infants Still Sleeping with Bedding, Despite SIDS Risk



SIDS Statistics

More than half of American parents continue to use soft bedding for their sleeping babies, according to a new study.

Researchers analyzed the results of the National Infant Sleep Position survey and found nearly 19,000 parents of children younger than 8 months who were contacted by phone and answered questions about their baby’s sleep environment. Most were white mothers, nearly half with a college education, and about half had a previous child, according to the study.

The most common use of bedding occurred among teen mothers, more than 80 percent used bedding. Not having a college education and younger mothers in general were also linked to more frequent use of bedding. Minority mothers were more likely than white mothers to use soft bedding, the study reported.

The study found about 70 percent of the infants sleeping with soft bedding were on adult beds and/or sharing a sleeping surface with someone else.

Researchers found that the use of bedding for infants declined from an average of 86 percent between 1993 and 1995 to an average of 55 percent between 2008 and 2010. Most of that decline, however, occurred before 2000.

In 1996, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated a recommendation on sleeping positions for babies, advising that they sleep on their back on firm surfaces without any soft bedding like blankets or quilts, which may pose a suffocation risk.

The findings were reported online Dec. 1 in Pediatrics.

Infants should be placed to sleep alone, on their backs, on a firm sleep surface, such as in a mattress in a safety-approved crib External Web Site Policy, covered by a fitted sheet. Soft objects, toys, crib bumpers, quilts, comforters and loose bedding should be kept out of the baby’s sleep area.

“Soft bedding has been shown to increase the risk of SIDS. Soft objects and loose bedding — such as thick blankets, quilts and pillows — can obstruct an infant’s airway and impose suffocation risk,” said lead author Carrie Shapiro-Mendoza, a senior scientist in the Maternal and Infant Health Branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Parents have good intentions but may not understand that blankets, quilts and pillows increase a baby’s risk of SIDS and accidental suffocation.”

SIDS, the third leading cause of death for infants in the U.S., is defined by the CDC as “the sudden death of an infant less than 1 year of age that cannot be explained after a thorough investigation is conducted, including a complete autopsy, examination of the death scene, and a review of the clinical history.”

“The safest place for a baby to sleep is on his back, in a crib or bassinet in the parent’s or caregiver’s room,” Shapiro-Mendoza said.

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