A Recap of Obamacare for those with A.D.D

Obama Health CareIf you’re like  most people, you barely have enough time in the day to do anything, let alone keep up on the latest political news.  Worse yet, what if you’re A.D.D. and can’t seem to focus on a single thing? Have no fear – there’s an infographic for that.

The infographic, courtesy of medical-billing.com, shows both sides of the health insurance debate: Obamacare and NObamacare in an informative yet humorous way.  You know that one time you tried to read the bill online and kept taking YouTube breaks? It has those built-in A.D.D. moments for you, giving you a refreshing break from the same old political agenda that so many of these recent Obamacare infographics seem to have.

Each party’s views are looked at in the infographic, beginning with the fact that both sides agree that Obamacare will change the deficit by $1 trillion. However, the right believes the deficit will increase, while the left says it will decrease. By 2019, Obamacare will reduce the number of uninsured residents by 32 million. The left claims that it will also save employers $3,000 per employee. However, knowing this, the other side says that around 30% of employers will simply drop their existing health care coverage and pay the $2,000 penalty rather than dealing with their employees at all.

Medical Billing also included the Sandra Fluke-Rush Limbaugh exchange and discussed how Fluke wants contraception paid for by the government. This portion was timely and very humorous, and also talked about how Obamacare may affect Fluke’s proposal. They also discuss the need for “Doc Fix” if we want to sustain Medicare, however, this will cost $300 billion.

Regardless of what you believe, the infographic stays fairly unbiased by simply giving points from each side. However, it never states anything that both parties agree on. The overall concept is hard to grasp and you may not feel any closer to a verdict by the end on it, but if you were completely clueless about Obamacare, this will most likely help to catch you up, and the funny interludes were a nice touch.
America's Health Care Diagnosis [Infographic]
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