Touch MacBook Pro Video Shows What A Real Apple Concept Might Look Like

MacBook Pro Touch

You probably wish you were hearing that the next MacBook Pro Touch was coming to stores near you. A new video is getting quite a bit of attention and getting some viral traction that features a MacBook Touch being demoed in an Apple-like commercial. Is it real?

No, not at all. This is a concept video by an Apple fan that has turned what looks to be a MacBook Pro into an iPad like touch interface that has a workable hinge on the MacBook. The video shows a screen folding completely back in on itself placing the keyboard on the underside of the faux MacBook Pro touch device.

Is the concept itself new? Many people seeing the video are mentioning that it’s basically the same as the Lenovo Yoga. The Lenovo Yoga was announced at CES 2012 in Las Vegas and was the hit among tablet lovers that wanted a hybrid laptop version.

Either way, Oliver Terrisse has done a great job at creating a concept Apple advertisement that features what a MacBook Pro could look like with a touch interface. The most liked comments on the video reveal the fondness of the Lenovo Yoga so it still seems like Apple would need to do some significant redesign to gain it’s own identity.

Two of the top comments say:

“This is a lenovo Yoga baby. Windows 8 convertibles/hybrids will will poop on this.”

“I preferred it when it was called the Lenovo Yoga. 😉
If that is your own render though, then it is very professional, so well done.”

MacBook Touch Screen

You can watch the video below of the new but completely fake MacBook Touch:

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