Was Trayvon Martin a Gangster? Is George Zimmerman being demonized?

People are going to get really upset and probably bury our news article with comments that our coverage is racist. However, we want to be up front and try to explain what we’re trying to accomplish with this news piece. We want to show how the media is full of bias and that on a daily basis you are sold things that are twisted and changed in the way the media wants you to see them. We are not advocating the horrible things George Zimmerman has done to Trayvon or his family. We are trying to point out that you’re not getting the whole story.

From the beginning of the Travyon Martin case he has been presented as a little boy who was carrying a bag of skittles. George Zimmerman was sold as a man out to get Trayvon and attacked him while he was walking around in a gated neighborhood. The pictures that have been presented of George Zimmerman are essentially mugshots with orange jail clothes. The pictures of Treyvon are very innocent, digitally altered to make him look soft and angelic and never show his tattoos, gold teeth or gang signs.

Why aren’t you being told that:

  1. Travyon Martin was witnessed to be on top of George Zimmerman before he was shot?
  2. George Zimmerman was cut in the back of his head and had his nose bloodied by Trayvon Martin.
  3. Trayvon Martin was suspended from school for vandalism and caught with marijuana, stolen jewelry & burglary tools.
  4. Trayvon Martin was either giving or selling weed to his friends?
  5. Why haven’t you seen pictures of Trayvon and his gold teeth?
  6. Why haven’t you seen Travyon and his tattoos he shared on Twitter & MySpace?
  7. Why is no one talking about Travyon being suspended multiple times from school?
  8. Why isn’t anyone talking about Trayvon fighting and swinging at a bus driver?
  9. Why has Trayvon’s picture in his hoodie been digitally altered to make his skin look bright and soft?
  10. Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Trayvon beat up George Zimmerman?
  11. When Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman collided, why was he out so late at 3:00am walking in the rain?

We believe you haven’t been told any of the above because of media bias.

We have a copy of 30 minutes of the 911 calls as the altercation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmmerman, the neighborhood watch captain were taking place.

You can listen to the 30 minutes of 911 calls here:

Trayvon Martin 911 Call From Neighbors and Zimmerman (Audio)

When we first listened to the recordings we have to admit, we were shocked, horrified and felt horrible for Trayvon Martin. You could hear someone screaming help, help, help on the tapes. What we found out from police investigations that it’s not Travyon screaming for help, it’s actually George Zimmerman.

When police arrived on the scene, George Zimmerman’s back was wet, stained in grass and Trayvon Martin was shot in the front, not from behind.

From the Fox Tampa Bay News they list the following information:

And from that moment to the shooting, details are few. But one man’s testimony could be key for the police. “The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said. Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera. His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman. “When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.

Some people have tried to say that George Zimmerman was a racist and that he acted out because Travyon Martin was a black teenager. However a story put out by Reuters reveals from an interview from Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyer that it would be hard to believe Zimmerman was racist considering his mentorship. “This was not a racially motivated situation,” Sonner told Reuters on Saturday from his law office, which has attracted a parade of television satellite trucks since it became public on Friday that he was representing Zimmerman. “Actually George Zimmerman was a mentor to a single mother with a 14 year old son and a 13 year old daughter and she had nothing but good things to say about his involvement with them, and also helping in raising money for their African American church,” Sonner said.

The media is even getting into literally creating the bias by Photoshopping the Treyvon Martin hoodie photos they’re putting in their articles. The original Treyvon Martin hoodie photo was released by the Miami Herald as a Getty Image. If you look at just about any other mainstream news site you’re going to see the new lightened, enhanced and soft image of Trevyon Martin hoodie photo. Why do you think they would Photoshop the hoodie photo? You can view them below.

Original Treyvon Martin Hoodie Photo in Miami Herald
Trayvon Martin Original Hoodie Photo

Photoshopped Trevyon Martin Hoodie Photo popping up everywhere
Photoshopped Trayvon Martin Hoodie Photo

You have probably seen all the photos that the media is sharing of Travyon Martin besides just the soft colored hoodie one. They are pictures of him when he was 13 years old and when he was playing football. We’ll share those with you below as well:

A mainstream picture of Trayvon Playing Football at 13 Years Old:

Trayvon Football 13 Years Old

A Young 13 Year Old Photo of Trayvon that most media outlets are using:

Trayvon 13 Years Old

While you certainly should never judge a book by it’s cover, it gets harder when you notice that the media is providing a pretty tainted canvas. We have also uncovered pictures of numerous tattoos that Trayvon Martin had on his body. There’s certainly nothing wrong with tattoos but it does put a different light on the little kid with skittles that everyone is painting a picture of.

Pictures of Trayvon Martin’s tattoos were recovered from his MySpace account (which is still up and running), Tweets from his Twitter account (which is deleted now but some data is cached by Google) and the pictures are still live on Trayvon Martin’s Twitpic account (which is still running).

Trayvon Martin’s wrist tattoo (his mom’s name):

Trayvon Martin Wrist Tattoo

Trayvon Martin’s arm tattoo:

Trayvon Martin Arm Tattoo
Other photos that are used over and over in the media are child like pictures of him at around 13 years old. An example of a couple of those pictures are above with one being a picture of Trayvon smiling and another of him playing football. The picture that you probably haven’t seen is the picture of Trayvon smiling for his Twitter account with his gold teeth showing.

Trayvon Martin’s Twitter Account: SLIMM @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA

Here is the photo Trayvon used for his Twitter pic:

Trayvon Martin Gold Teeth

A lot of people have claimed the gold teeth photo of Travyon is not real and is fake. The photo was uploaded by Travyon himself to his @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA Twitter account himself. Trayvon’s cousin: @Rip_Tray9 also mentions this account hundreds of times which you can read all the tweets here.

Here was a Tweet from someone on Twitter that tells Trayvon that he didn’t tell him that he swung at or punched a bus driver. This was a few days before Trayvon’s death and could lead into other clues to his suspension or could be another altercation altogether.

Trayvon Martion Swung On Bus Driver

The Daily Caller has created a Scribd backup of all of Travyon Martin’s tweets. The @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA Twitter account has since been removed from Twitter. Instead of detailing all his tweets we’ll let you read them for yourself below:

Trayvon’s Tweets the Daily Caller

On February 5th, 2012 it was Trayvon’s birthday. Everyone left him Happy Birthday messages on his Facebook wall. A screenshot provided below shows one friend named,

Mackenzie DumbRyte Baksh saying, “Yeoo happy birthday ! but pik up the fone or hmu we got buisness to talk !”

Treyvon Slimm Martin replies, “NO PHON”

Mackenzie DumbRyte Baksh replies, “Damn were u at a nigga needa plant”

Damn Were U At A Nigga Needa Plant

While this certainly doesn’t scream that Trayvon Martin is dealing drugs to his friends, it does add a list to the pile of questions that start showing up now. Did Mackenzie just want to smoke weed from Trayvon or was he buying it?

Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school for vandalism. As reported in the Miami Herald in October, a school police investigator said he saw Trayvon on the school surveillance camera in an unauthorized area “hiding and being suspicious.” Then he said he saw Trayvon mark up a door with “W.T.F” — an acronym for “what the f—.” The officer said he found Trayvon the next day and went through his book bag in search of the graffiti marker.

Instead the officer reported he found women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that he described as a “burglary tool,” according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police report obtained by The Miami Herald. Word of the incident came as the family’s lawyer acknowledged that the boy was suspended in February for getting caught with an empty bag with traces of marijuana, which he called “irrelevant” and an attempt to demonize a victim.Trayvon’s backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver, according to the report, which described silver wedding bands and earrings with diamonds. Trayvon was asked if the jewelry belonged to his family or a girlfriend.

“Martin replied it’s not mine. A friend gave it to me,” he responded, according to the report.

There had been over thirteen different thefts in the private gated neighborhood that George Zimmerman was serving as the neighborhood watch captain. It was 3:00am, raining and and someone was walking suspiciously around the neighborhood with a hoodie on. That would probably arouse suspicion in a lot of people. Trayvon Martin had already been found with a bag full of jewelry & weed so it’s not exactly off base to consider he might have been acting suspicious. No one in the mainstream news media is discussing this part of the incident.

Now if we look at the way George Zimmerman has been portrayed in the media, it’s been fairly negative and made him seem like the aggressor. Most of the time media shares pictures of George Zimmerman it is him shown in orange jail clothes and not a normal picture of him.

Normal pictures of George Zimmerman:

George Zimmerman Normal Pictures

George Zimmerman Mugshot:

George Zimmerman Mugshot

Now we certainly don’t know if Mr. Zimmerman is innocent, he clearly didn’t follow the dispatcher’s orders to not approach Trayvon Martin. All that we want to bring to your attention is there is information out there that is not being told and is being exaggerated or focused on. Let this situation go through the courts in due process and let justice be done either way. When the Black Panther party puts out a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman’s head it only feeds into potential riots and race wars.

Unfortunately, these days we can’t rely on the media, nightly news or your local newspapers to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. All you can expect to get is a sensational story that will keep you watching their news channel or reading their newspaper. Hopefully the courts can take care of this issue while the United States refocuses on other issues that effect the entire country on a daily basis.

An uncut interview of the New Black Panther Movement putting together an army to search out George Zimmerman

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  1. At last, used car salesmen are not at the bottom of the trust worthly list.
    News media is.

  2. I tried to post this on the CNN web site and of course my comment has to be approved lol i guess i shouldn’t be surprised what they have on their site is so one sided which isn’t fair. Regardless i’m still stuck in the middle on who i think is guilty.

  3. News has always reported false and altered information. It makes the story more suspenseful and touches people more deeply. It causes the viewers to feel emotion. Sadness, anger, sympathy etc. Studies have shown when news stations report good news, less people watch. When they report arson, robbery, murder and other horrible news….more people tune in. More viewers = more customers for the news stations advertisers. It always points to MONEY!

    I don’t believe anything I hear on the news. Why would anyone? There’s always two sides to every story and instead of being told what to believe by some woman on the TV that I don’t know, I always like to research the facts myself and draw my own conclusion.

  4. The Nigger got what he had coming!

  5. I don’t know who is guilty or who is innocent. The news can no longer be relied upon to present ANYTHING without slanting it in one way or another.

    My only question is, why, without fail, is every black teen that is killed ALWAYS a stellar student and an exemplary citizen in every way? Coincidence?

  6. Before getting into any details, let’s briefly reverse the roles. What if

    Zimmerman was the one that was shot dead and Trayvon shot him. Same allegations, I

    think the shooting would be unjustified. But I, suspect, most of you Zimmerman

    lovers would be outraged if Martin had not been charged. The use of deadly force

    requires more than losing a fist fight that you help escalate. Was his life really


    He called him a f*cking coon, then he gunned him down. maybe Trayvon hit him first, I doubt it, but maybe. no one will ever know. but we do know Zimmerman has a history of violence-including violence against the police, we know he disobeyed the 911 dispatcher and we know he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

    • “he disobeyed the dispatcher”..

      Dispatchers are not uniformed police. Their orders are not law nor do they carry the force of the law. Was Zimmerman breaking the law by disregarding the police department dispatcher’s orders? I believe a dispatcher’s order can only be construed as advice. There’s no crime in disregarding advice, no matter how prescient that advice was. Zimmerman is not being tried in the media for bad judgement. Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed, but who knows which day that will be.

    • Sorry Bob, but does a member of the neighbourhood watch possess the power to enforce the law by making a judgement which evidentially killed another living human being? No, I don’t think so. Once again – your lack of intelligence astounds me. Or maybe your just blinded by your ignorance?

    • Bob, Aussie and Tim would both have Zimmerman beaten to death in his own neighborhood rather than have a gang member shot to death in self defense. They would have Trayvon continuing to commit burglary in gated communities to supplement his drug dealing and probable pimping income. No evidence has been provided to show any wrongdoing on Zimmerman’s part.

      The accusation that following Trayvon resulted in his death is the result of intentionally faulty logic; logic that does not reflect Florida law nor common sense. At what point is a GOON responsible for his own violent and criminal actions? Is it legal by this logic for me to beat a black man to death in his own neighborhood at 0300 hours in the rain because he says “What’s good, cracker?” By the Brown Shirt logic, the man in this case would be guilty of murder if he shot me. He should get a medal.

      Aussie is obviously a Brown Shirt insulting the intelligence of anyone it disagrees with. A citizen does have the right to kill a criminal to save life, limb or property in America, where our law reflects the fact that God has given us our rights. Just because the Nazi government of Australia has taken away their rights does not mean Americans must submit to the tyranny of the UN.

  7. Miss Mahogany | April 1, 2012 at 10:47 pm | Reply

    Oh, and @BIC Re: Your Following Statement, – “A guy who is mentoring black kids and is hispanic probably isn’t racist. ”

    Just b/c you associate with, have friends, work well with, are around, date, and or Marry someone outside of your race IS NOT A FOR SURE SIGN that you are not a racist.. and/or have Phobias… That is a huge Misconception… Some people have been known to be racist of and/or “Hate” their OWN RACE… working with black kids does not constitute him to be a Saint or Ghandi… A Good start for us to believe he may have been comfortable wouldve been if he found nothing odd the black teen in the hoodie…

    He WOULDNT have Stalked (& ran down on… Gang Banged Basically) Elliot.. & E.T. (the Film E.T. )in their Hoodies. #Curious George Mind your business, go see your therapist a bit more

  8. Miss Mahogany | April 1, 2012 at 10:29 pm | Reply

    Curious George was the Only Gangster. You dont walk up on someone and ask them what their “doing around here”? Rude, very Wild, Wild West and feeling threatened by the presence of someone more interesting than Curious George… Something you’d never say in Brooklyn, NYC, Any Part of Los Angeles…
    and you definitely dont do it agressively with a gun on your waist,
    AND, you dont HAVE a Gun after you break A WOMANS NOSE (ex-GF) and she puts a (SAY IT WITH ME KIDZ) “RESTRAINING ORDER” on you…
    everyone knows a restraining order states that you cannot carry arms, weapons, etc…
    You also definitely do not get a weapon after you assault Law Enforcement and are sentenced to Anger Mgmt…
    You also do not get accepted to Police Academy… Mostly…
    IF YOU STALK & KILL A TEENAGER WHO WAS MINDING HIS OWN DOGGONE BUISNESS talking to his gf!! Usually there’s an arrest, unless your Dads an Ex Judge, Named Robert J Zimmerman (Connections, Contributions, and OWED FAVORS) and your mom is Court Clerk Gladys Z… see #Coverup Scandal…

    No witness said Trayvon the Aviator was atop? Thats what the cops said after the State Attorney put in the calls for Pops Z. Ystrdy Experts Ruled out Zimmerman as Voice Pleading in Pain. Stop making this story about your own views… read up, and listen instead to what God is putting Forth… Exposing Lies, CoverUp(s) (not Just Trayvon, shedding light on Scandal. Be Swift to Listen and slow to speak… Stop Disrespecting this young Man who God is Using even after his death to spark change(s) Some of you r talking that #WillieLynch Delusion!

    • Lolololwow | April 5, 2012 at 2:18 am |

      You’re a f***ing idiot

    • Tammy Smith | April 9, 2012 at 10:31 pm |

      Teenager in neighborhood where he DOES NOT LIVE at THREE IN THE MORNING wearing DARK CLOTHING and a HOODIE = NOT “MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS”

      Rude? Are you a complete idiot? Next time someone is prowling around your home in the middle of the night, stop and think for a moment, “What would be the polite thing to say right now?” get serious and get off your high horse. You obviously know nothing about this case and are just another reverse-racist trying to spin an event to fit your ideology.

  9. Can someone post the names and home addresses of these people who put the 10k death warrant so the police can go arrest them?

  10. Vigilantes are illegal. Arrest those men for putting 10k death warrant on Zim’s head. Thats illegal! Stupid Justice Department. Open your Eyes!

  11. So the story goes like this ,
    zimerman , calles the police , there is someone suspicious walking around here ,
    the police advices him , to leave him , tells him he don’t got the legal power to do something , ….
    So then somehow that suspicious person , seems to attack a armed zimmerman , with a can of ice t … why ?

    the world champion boxing martin knocks out , the tinny zimmerman with one punch , slams his head on the pavement . zimmerman is screaming for help , wail a woman is calling for 911 , …. and then zimmerman shoots backwards martin in hiss chest , cuss he is laying in the ground with martin on top of him , …

    can someone help me out , … please

    • Put the joint down and seek immediate psychiatric help for your personality disorder before you hurt yourself or others.

  12. Good riddance to that filthy n!gg@r piece of s***. I hope Zimmerman kills ten more.

  13. Omg really i cant even believe this under debate i really dont. Ok know people are comming saying ohh he is a gangster and he has tattoos and has drugs and is a fughter ok when this child got shot nobody knew nothing bout him all they knew is that a child got shot for no reason at all… ok now their like he did this and that so its really not a crime and all that ok before you knew all this about him it was a simple arrest for murder.Now this man named Gerorge claimed they fought and he got beat most of the time thats why he shot him……….umm i see no marks on you…i see no marks on him but a gun wound were he was shot so obevioulsy we all no that yall did not fight and you did not get hit in the head or bloody nose cause when evryone looked at the video from you at the police station you had no marks on your head no bloody nose and all so like where is your proof and then his shirt is tucked in very tight so everyone know if your in a fight your clothes are gonna be all messed up and stuff ok your shirt all tucked in tight thats something to pay attention to right dere. and then all the casual nest at the station like no one walked behind him or beside him or anything just letting him walk free like he own the damn thing ok you dont i feel you should get your life taking for taking that little boys life and im going to be honest i did not want this to become a racist thing but that what it has come down to like does anybody remember Rodney King he was beat to death and no justice now just think if it was color switched around it would be know chance with him living for beating a white man ok same thing with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman and just because he not white ok still he aint black is he.. ok din this hole case to me just seems very upside down like he still on the streets and while everyone is trying to pay attention to Trayvons doing and past with his life with suspensions in school and stuff ok George Zimmerman has some charges and arrest on his CRIMINAL record to so why pay sop much attention to Trayvons mistakes with school and streets while you need to be worrying about Georges past of assaults and stuff. Thats why im so happy everyone is protesting for justice for Trayvon Martin. Today me and my cousin walked down the street today with a hoodie on eating skittles and drinking tea now say if some one drove by and just shot me this is what people would say….”OHH YEA THE REASON WHY SHE GOT SHOT IS BECAUSE SHE HAD A HOODIE ON” what the fuck really i got shot for wearing a hoodie thats just some bull shit right there !!!But Trayvon Martin you will live forever!!!

    #Hoodie,Skittles,and Tea is all i need

    • Lol you sound like a racial supremacist. Not only are you ignorants of the facts, but the media coverage is horrible. No sulfide trayvon didnt have a job, he expected to get everything for free. I work with an African America guy, from Kenya, and he said that American blacks are a disgrace to the black race. I totally agree with him. Look at lil Wayne. A thug with no talent who is ruining society. Maybe if his parents would have kept him in check he wouldn’t have had this happens to him. Trayvon was only trying to gain street cred. Well good news is that one more criminal is off the streets (trayvon. Al sharpton and Jesse jackson are also pieces of s***. What exactly are their jobs? Do the work for money? No! Entitlement….. They are as bad as radical Islamists. Nancy grace can get f***ed because she is also uneducated and worthless. The three of them
      Can go to h***

    • Bet you he bought the skittles and iced tea with drug money

    • Whatever point you just tried to make was completely lost in the chaos of your awful grammar. Maybe try going back to elementary school, pay attention to the section of your English class that covered grammar and punctuation, and then try to make a valid point. Good grief, how hard is it?

  14. Madame Butterfly | March 31, 2012 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    @ Peruvian Pride – Since when is being Hispanic synonomous with being Spanish?
    They are two different things. One (Spanish) is a nationality (usually a caucasian person) and the other (Hispanic) is refered to as a group of people with a shared culture (which includes blacks).
    Aren’t there Black Hispanics?
    White Hispanics?
    Indigenous Hispanics?
    A mix of any combination or all of those?

    In fact, aren’t there blacks in Peru? I know there aren’t nearly as many blacks in Peru as there are non-blacks, but they exisit.
    Do you call them monkey’s too?

    On another note, this whole Trayvon Martin thing has my head spinning.
    I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  15. peruvian pride | March 31, 2012 at 3:56 pm | Reply

    man this guy is racist he callin him a no good jew ! AND DEVIL HES HALF SPANISH YOU IDIOT AND HALF PERUVIAN STOP CRYING CAUSE A SPANISH GUY POPPED TRAYVON just because of this all the latinos need 2 get together n get them black panthers id love 2 catch one of these black panthers by myself.. the new black panthers r racist pansys i bet you if they saw this crazy peruvian HISPANIC KING these monkey boys wudnt even want it SEE HOW THEY GO OVER BOARD N TRY TO ACT CUS ONE OF THEM DIED ALL THE LATINOS STAND UP …. YOU SEE A BLACK PANTHER SHOOT HIM OR WHIP THEY BEHINDS MAN THESE GUYS NEED TO GET TAUGHT A LESSON I LIKE BLACK PEOPLE I DONT LIKE STUPID BLACK PPL AND DATS THEM LATINOS STAND UP……….. GET THESE DUM RACIST BLACK PANTHERS DEY THE REAL DEVILS… LOOK AT THEM DEY SOME SOFT MUTHAZZZZZZZZ

  16. I would love to know where you got your facts from because the police report that was released said that they found Trayvon laying facedown on the ground with his hands underneath him!

  17. Where’ the police report? You should post that. I thought he was walking around at 7pm (1900). You need to provide your sources, please.

  18. Pretty obvious that the media is choosing pictures to make Martin look younger and more childlike and innocent. And pictures to make Zimmerman look like a thug.

    My question is this: Why is the media doing this? Why are they obviously trying to influence the public in this way? What’s in it for them? I’m not saying they’re not doing it, because it’s obvious they are. But I don’t understand what’s motivating them to present these photos this way

    • ratings and money

    • I think it’s pretty obvious what the media is getting out of this. Almost every article you read now includes “the florida law dubbed Shoot first”. The left does not like guns. Plus riling up African Americans before november is good for Obama.

    • MSM gets brownie points for helping Obama’s agenda. It takes the heat off of them for the last attempt at demonizing guns where Holder murdered two border agents and lied about it. Holder then admitted that he wants to “brain wash” our children to make them not like guns. Now Obama goes public on a local incident carried to the media by his water boy, Sharpton, about how this thug could have been his son. (Waiting for the day his girls show up with a grill and tramp stamp)
      Obama really needs to keep control of the media and a race war would really help him right now. Haven’t you noticed how he and his guys are always crying “racist”? You never scratched your head and said, “Where did they get that ?” It’s all a trick… WAKE UP!

  19. Janies got a GUN | March 29, 2012 at 9:44 pm | Reply

    It is a bad situation. I am a black female, not african american, i was born HERE in the USA, okay first all – we were not there. let the police do their job and stop playing the racial card. We have a clack president, do you not think WE HAVE OVER COME. there are going to be whites who hates blacks and blacks who hate whites and NIgga and honky teaching their kids to do it…its life, it goes, and you can not force people to like others when the black folk want to scream racial crime…if you dont want to be profiled, pull your pants up and stop wearing hoodies in sunny florida…

  20. It’s so funny to see the two opposite sites, this one and the ones for Trayvon.. Atleast us that have a bigger mind on this site can say BOTH sides are wrong.. But when you read under anything to do with supporting Trayvon, he is the victim and that’s that.. The parents couldn’t even be honest enough to show an updated picture of Trayvon and painted him as this sweet angelic kid.. REALLY? I’m so glad this post has come to light, not that the Trayvon supporters will be open minded enough to even THINK there is a possibility of Trayvon being the one in the wrong AT ALL.. It’s sad to think that the black people use the race card for every little thing. Black College, Black Miss America, Black dating… yet THEY are always the one’s screaming for equal rights!! And if we were to have a Just white ANYTHING we would have the NAACP all over us.. If I say ONE THING in ANY of those sites that support Trayvon that he may not be as innocent as he’s being portrayed to be, I’m automatically branded a racist.. I hate to say it, but this case is really starting to make me think about racism and the ethics of black people and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m very sad that more people are SECRET Zimmerman supporters instead of making a stand like us because they are SCARED of the black people and their craziness over this case. Now they are All acting like Thugs.. What did Walgreens do to these people to deserve this? What about the MOTHER who is trying to CAPITALIZE off her son’s death??

  21. Look, guns are never used as intended..they only bring trouble so this guy and people like him use bad judgement.
    The problem with this case is the Media bias for a story without checking the simplest of facts. The hoody thing is just fools jumping on something they dont understand–like this has anything to do with hoodies?

    You can clearly say this…the Black community is so racists it can no longer think rationally. The mother is saying they killed him now they want to slander him


    It displays the problem loud and clear. Its not about the incident at all. Its about this paranoid notion that anything that happens to a black is because of some kind of hateful plot against them.
    All this does is turn everyone against them. Even Obama fell for this

  22. Sick Of 'Niggas' | March 29, 2012 at 6:04 pm | Reply

    i guess the NO LIMIT NIGGA had some limits after all…

    i see good riddance to trash like Travyon Martin, Oscar Grant, or any other falsely lionized troublemaking ghetto sh*tbag who got what’s coming to them.

    only people crying about this ‘tragedy’ are race-baiting rabblerousers and self-hating liberal caucasians who want the almighty black man to think highly of them.

    won’t be a deterrent though; all the “thug life” duncecaps will use this as an excuse to CHIMP OUT. … seriously, is the ‘african american community’ every accountable for anything?

    of course they’re not…. by and large you’re not very bright people if you look to Rev. Al Sharpton or the other rabblerouser Jesse Jackson as pillars of your community.

    p.s. add to your list the fact that this allegedly grief-stricken mother is paying $300+ a pop to copyright Travyon tshirt/hooded sweatshirt slogans.

    • too bad he zimmerman wasn’t MAN enough to give him “what wascoming to him “with two good ole fashioned fist. smh sucker move… And how could you sit there and say the stuff you just said in your comment dude? You twisted for real. And as for Trayvon martin not being an anglelic, at the same time he’s not the gangster that this page is presenting.

    • he did give it to him….. square in his poor lil chest.

  23. At the end of the day Zimmermans main arguing statement ( stand your ground law) was in question when he was following the dude and was completely thrown out the window when he stepped out of the car to approach the kid faceto face. He was the main one looking for trouble and he found it, and once the physical confrontation started, he found out he was in over his head and took the cowards way out. Thats where i see he was wrong because personally, where im from, if you bark up the wrong tree and you get more than what you bargain for you take your beatin like a man and life goes on. Now ayone that read this should ask themselves this one question. Was Zimmermans life in jeopardy or his pride? Think about it, what damage can to good ole fashioned fist on a tall slender teen do before the cops arrive and break it up or the guy just stops when he figures you probably had enough.. In my opinion Zimmerman shot Trayvon because to protect his pride rather than his life. Because he couldnt bare letting people see the almighty super citizen get beat up.

    • OK so is everyone that has the so called “answers” to this situation ready to duck your heads and run when the legal & factual truth comes out. The man hasn’t been indicted much less arrested & probably won’t be. The Fed’s are there because of Obama’s staged last minute question about the boy. Are all of you racists of color ready to admit your wrong when the reality of the truth is published ???? Talk about a white man being prejudiced HA !!!. Blacks are taught to lie, steal & hate from the crib. Call me a liar about that.

    • The stand your ground law does not apply to zimmerman because he was the aggressor and Trayvon had no gun. That is why they will charge zimmerman with manslaughter. zimmerman has been nothing but a thug his entire life. Beating up women and cops and driving drunk. Daddy will not be getting him out of this one.
      If zimmerman had just followed instructions this never would have happened. zimmerman belongs in prison.

    • I wonder if the bugleries will stop now. hum….. lets see.

  24. Oh no I’m black and I’m being held down by the man! Change the station you idiots. If anyone plays the race card again I’m gonna lose it. A guy who is mentoring black kids and is hispanic probably isn’t racist. When will people realize no one cares about race anymore and playing the race card is just stupid. And I’m sure Zimmerman broke his own nose and beat his own face in just to trick the police… Brilliant.

    • His co-workers thought he was racist. He played nice most of the time, but when he got mad, his true character came out against woman and people of color.

  25. Maybe Zimmerman was yelling help. I would want to be the one asking for help when police arrive.

    Life must be good when you are son of a magistrate

    The police checked Martin for drugs and performed a background check on him, not on Zimmerman. The police report said Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of his head and Zimmerman’s lawyer has said Zimmerman had a serious gash that required stitches as well as a broken nose but released video footage shows nothing similar to that discription. In fact, there is no blood on his shirt. If he felt his life was threatened, why was there no blood on his shirt? Why didn’t they take his clothes for evidence? The lead investigator wanted to charge Zimmerman, higher ups made a call to not charge him. Hard to believe Zimmerman really felt threatened by the “f*king coon” he gunned down. When will people get honest about racism, profiling and the criminalization of young black men? Trayvon Martin, Ramarley Graham, Sean Bell, Amudu Diallo, and the countless list goes on. If the shooter were black, he would be arrested. This is about Zimmerman’s misguided belief that he had a right to follow the teen in the first place. And it is about officials in Sanford failing to hold Zimmerman accountable for his reckless behavior.

    Zimmerman overstepped authority

    It would be ludicrous to suggest that Trayvon Martin had no right to be walking on a public street in the USA.

    In his 911 call, Zimmerman never established any foundation for his assertion of suspicious behavior, other than that Martin was black and wearing a hoodie.

    As a watch volunteer, Zimmerman had no authority to confront, or detain. His only function was to watch and report anything illegal. As a watch volunteer, he needed to comply after being told his engagement was no longer necessary. By asserting unwarranted authority he confronted, harassed and intimidated a U.S. citizen, denying Martin his civil right. Zimmerman provoked a confrontation knowing he could win with his 9 mm handgun.

    We hear Zimmerman’s defenders speculating that Martin should have explained himself to this enforcement wannabe; however, Martin had no reason or obligation to do so. Defenders speak of Zimmerman’s injury supposedly inflicted by Martin who was much smaller and, more importantly, unarmed. How do we know that Zimmerman wasn’t bested in a previous altercation and was seeking retribution? Martin can’t explain.

    • hey dumba**. it was 3 in the morning in a neiborhood that houses have been being robbed as of late. i think that even someone as dumb as you can see the reason for a neiborhood watch…. right dummy? if i knew that he carried stolen jewlery and a screwdriver (supposed break-in tools) i would have been glad that the watchman was following him. granted he didnt know that at the time but i think fate would have it that it was prolly the guy. get over it. he robbed and was prolly out 3am to do some more. thug punk a** that paid for the way he lived. karma maybe? justice? oh nos the po lil kid going to grandmoms house for cookies got shot. by the was travon…. no i guess you gots the prob. too bad soo sad.

  26. In response to JaneeP, Zimmerman wasn’t arrested 3 times, I believe he was charged three times for one incident. And if you look at the charges, it doesn’t really say that Zimmerman [is] a bad man. To me, it just says that he reacts violently. Sure, it’s not a good thing, but it’s not like intentional assault or robbery or anything.

    Now I’m not too clear on the facts (who is, if anyone?), and I don’t really have a “side,” but there are lots of misinformation regarding this whole incident. People think Martin may have been a small time drug dealer, and you can’t ignore the fact that drugs often lead to violence. There’s also the problem with the dated photos of both Z and M, and even the shopped photo of M. Again, there’s a lot of contradicting/unclear evidence.

    I do think people are ignoring the fact that Z is the neighborhood watch guy, and wanted to become a police officer, which I think speaks tons. Yet the media manages to shrug that off by saying that he was arrested for assaulting a police officer years ago. (yeah I know, I probably sound stupid, but refer to the first paragraph). Witnesses also say Z was crying for help, and that M was beating him.

    I really hate how the media are clearly biased against Zimmerman, and how most people are just jumping on M’s side. I do think they’re turning this into a race issue, which I’m getting really tired of.

    What I THINK what happened, is that it was all a misunderstanding that escalated too quickly, and easily could have been avoided. I may have come off as saying that Z is totally innocent and that M was guilty. I’m just trying to defend him because everyones bashing him when the evidence isn’t even that conclusive.

  27. GodBlessTexas | March 28, 2012 at 4:26 pm | Reply

    Bout damn time! Finally a site that paints the truth of what is going on- or should I say what happened on the evening of the shooting. I have said it before and I will say it again, if the kid was shot and a crime committed, an arrest would have been made. The color of the kids skin does not factor nor should be a factor. What is – Zimmerman was attacked, a witness saw it happen and self defense was used.

    Everyone is correct- his history or past does not pertain to the events of that evening, but when you have witnesses coming out and saying that they could hear the screaming and saw the person on the ground in the “red shirt”…pretty much goes to tell who was in trouble. The photos portrayed are when the kid was 13 and the photos of his ‘thug’ life and mentality give a much clearer indication to the propensity for Trayvon willing to move to violence.

    In states like Florida and Texas, you can stand your ground and defend yourself, you are not required to flee nor do you have to see a weapon in order to defend yourself. Deadly force is allowed, which should be. No longer can violence be brought upon someone without the ability to protect yourself at the fear of a law saying that you can not. Maybe more criminals will reconsider taking such bold actions towards another when they know that they may end up with a muzzle in their face.

    More lawful abiding Americans are purchasing firearms and legally obtaining a carry conceal permit. As violence increases, so will more incidents such as this. I do not believe that wrong doing occurred, nor do I believe a crime was committed – Self Defense is what took place and that is what will come out of a grand jury as well.

    • The fact of the the matter is Zimmerman over did his damn job, it’s not a crimewatch persons position to be a hero. Thats what the blue and whites are for, and all these irrelevant facts about his myspace page, his facebook page, him being out at 3 am, and etc is not this websites buisiness, my business or anyone elses. And from what i believe, the last time i checked all a crime watch volunteer is asked to do is things like call and report an un savory character or report what they saw in the event of a crime. No where in the VOLUNTEER job position does it required for the VOLUNTEER to be out late at night patrolling the streets like the damn sheriff. So if they got in a schuffle and Treyvon got the best of him, then its his own fault. Becasue for one he ignored an order from the dispatch, and two he asked for it by following the dude. Also, had Trayvon been giving him the ass whoopin he obviously asked for and he felt the need to use the gun, there were other ways George could have went about using it. He could have pistol whpped him or shot up in the air to symbol he meant buisiness. Or if he felt no other choice he could have shot him in the foot or something else harmless. Instead he chose on shooting to kill. And as for the stand your ground law goes, i think it means stand your ground if someone is bothering you. So lets go back through the chain of events. Who started with who? Who was following who? The answer is Zimmerman following Martin, and Zimmerman starting with Martin. So there is no way he can claim that stand your ground bullshit when he is on the record admitting to following the teen. Now granted Treyvon Martin might have looked unsavory to George wearing a hoody at night time in an upscale neighborhood, but at the same time he didnt know anything about the guy. And there is no way anyone can convince me otherwise that the color of Trayvon’s skin didnt add to the suspision of him in zimmermans mind along with the fact that he was tall and had on a hoodie. Im sorry but Zimmerman is getting off easy.. Waaaay too easy at that.

    • Thank you, finally, someone with some sense.

      As to “sc’s best,” you do bring up some good points. Zimmerman shouldn’t have approached Martin. He should have left it to the police.

      Yes, Zimmerman could have done something not lethal. However, in his words he was “afraid for his life” or something along those lines. In situations like those, for most people, it’s hard to think straight. If your life was in danger, o you really want to think about all your choices and decide what to do? no. Personally, if I was being assaulted and realllly thought that my life was in danger, I would not think twice about the safety of my attacker. I don’t think, and have a hard time thinking that I would purposely aim to kill, but like I said, I won’t worry about the attacker’s safety. In my opinion, there was clearly a fight, and I do not think Zimmerman threw the first punch.

      I agree, color did influence Zimmerman’s suspicion of him. But is that racism? I think that’s debatable. You can’t ignore the fact that more crimes are committed by black people than others. Is it because black people are just like that? of course not. It’s most related to class, which goes way back to the Civil war and slavery. Honestly, I bet it’s really tough to find someone who doesn’t profile by race.

      I live in a city where crime has been a problem, and the few times that I’ve gone off campus at night, I try to avoid everyone. I even have some kind of weird mental “danger” scale. And the people that I go out of my way to avoid are black people, and people wearing hoodies (i’m talking about the large gangster ones, especially when the hoods are worn). Call it profiling, but I value my safety. And honestly, anyone wearing hoodies like that at night, look very scary and shady. I am definitely not racist, but I think sometime you need to be practical and logical when it comes to things like this.

  28. Why is everyone now overlooking what the “Black Panther” leader said.
    Do you know that a statement like this falls under the “terrorist” threat act.
    Where it states that any person verbally asking or promoting harm to another person or country is in violation of this act.
    This is a 3rd degree fen.
    It falls under the same catagory as hiring a “hitman” to kill someone.
    Where is all the marching against this statement and nothing being done about it?
    Al & Jessie, why are you overlooking this? (Hypocrites)

    • The same reason why the police is overlooking the 911 calls from Zimmerman i guess… idk

  29. The reason you are not hearing about any of this stuff us because it has nothing to do what happened that night. The point is, that night Trayvon was walking back to his stepmom’s house with Skittles and iced tea, and ended up being shot. His pictures, tattoos, whether he had gold teeth or not have nothing to do with that night. I am pretty sure that some of the people who commented and maybe even the person who wrote this entire story has tattoos. Like his parents are saying, people are just trying to smear his reputation. That night he was doing nothing wrong. Oh and then Zimmerman’s story isn’t even consistent with his phone call. When the police arrived and got his story, he said that as he was either getting in or out of his car, Trayvon appeared and asked him if he had a problem and then decked him. Tell me if you believe that after you hear the tape of Zimmerman calling and you hear his car beeping as he opens the door and starts breathing heavily when he starts to follow Trayvon. He said to the operator, “shit he’s running.” How can Trayvon be running but then ask Zimmerman if he had a problem and deck him? Zimmerman may not have something against all African Americans but he definitely profiled Trayvon and probably profiles all African American males in hoodies.

    • And now there is surveillance video of George Zimmerman retrieved at the police station. A bloody nose and grass stains on his back? The video shows none of that. Broken noses bleed profusely and Zimmerman looks perfectly fine. Zimmerman and the police lied and its over for him. Check out the video for yourself.


    • Tahson, obviously you are for trayvon considering your improper grammar an your use of AAVE. He hasn’t done nothing wrong? Sheesh you are uneducated, which confirms your uneducated statements. On the contrary, I believe that why we haven’t heard about any of this in the media is due to bias. Also, it is used to boost ratings for our so-called president Barack Hussein obama. I assume he was out selling drugs. I mean where else would he get money to buy skittles and iced tea? He doesn’t have a job. What is he doing out that late anyways? His parents obviously aren’t doing a good job and now they are capitalizing off of them. Sorry for using such big words Tahson. I know that you probably can’t understand them, but luckily for you there are online dictionaries.Once a thief always a thief and trayvon is as much of a hood rat as are the people supporting him. Please explain to me how finding stolen jewelry in his bookbag has nothing to do with the case? Trayvons quest for street cred ultimately led to his downfall.

  30. I still believe the gold picture pic is a FAKE. Just like the gang photo passed around. It looks photoshopped to me.

  31. Franken Harpo | March 28, 2012 at 1:56 pm | Reply

    The facts are the facts.

    Thank you!

  32. 3:00 am? Didn’t it happen at 7:30 pm? What the heck are you talking about!?

  33. what are you trying to justify. Stupid a** website, this sh!t is going under.

  34. My biggest issue with it is why was George carrying the gun. I am completely against what the media has done in sensationalizing this case but in the end, the fact is, if George did not carry the gun, then the kid would not have been killed. Now what I am tired of is the media and people like Sharpton portraying him as a cold killer. No, he just made a huge mistake and should pay for that crime, involuntary manslaughter, not murder.

  35. No one’s talking about this because it really has nothing to do with the fact that Zimmerman followed him and ended up close enough to him for a fight with a gun. Martin had no record of violence or arrests either, unlike Zimmerman who reportedly has been arrested three times for violent acts. Also, what proof does anyway have that Martin sold weed or fought a bus driver ? I’m sure the bus driver would have come forward by now in the midst of all of this to tell the tale. And since when have gold teeth, cutting class and a twitter name made you a gangster. If anything all “facts” point to the boy being a stoner, and I don’t know that many, but aren’t these usually pretty mellow people?? And the problem isn’t the fact that people aren’t letting the courts “handle the matter”, it’s that there had to be an uproar for the courts to look into anything at all. Zimmerman was released without being arrested at all. Now that’s a question… When did we start letting people kill people outside in the street, not during an invasion of your home, and not even take the shooter into the station???

    • Because part of the Stand Your Ground is that you cannot be detained if you acted in self defense. And why should you be if you are the victim.

  36. About time we got an article like this. I was guilty of falling into the web of media sensationalism with the Casey Anthony trial – but that contained all of the elements of a soap opera. Claims of incest, “imaginary” friends, a child found months later and a cold, smug mother who missed her child zero. I can see how people could get sucked into that.

    I’m a firm believer that all human life is sacred, regardless of the skin we wear. I live just outside of Philadelphia, and all anyone is talking about is Trayvon Martin. What about Philly’s 85 homicides since January?! Who exactly decides what death’s are media worthy and warrant protests, and which death’s don’t get more than 10 total seconds on the evening news? It’s just another case of this country’s issue with caring about what’s happening right there, instead of right here.

    I’m definitely over all of the selective reporting. And every comment I’ve read is “well why did he have a gun?”

    Uhmm….because it’s his right, legally, as a citizen of this country, to carry a firearm for any reason, or NO reason, at any time, so long as he has a permit to do so. Which he did.

    • The prosecution’s evidence that he beat up Trayvon is that he had NO blood on his hands. WOW. Maybe he had a gun because, as he said, Trayvon’s gang had been robbing the community blind for some time.

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