Highway Bill Moves to House

Highway Bill To House

Republicans in the House will be working hard this week to push ahead on some stalled issues. The media expects House Speaker John Boehner to make an announcement regarding if the House is going to begin on the transportation bill that recently cleared the Senate. He may also announce that the House is crafting their own version or choosing a completely new direction. Speaker Boehner said that he is considering the bill from the Senate because the original GOP transportation bill failed to build majority support in the House Read Here.

The bill includes provisions that help fund the highways and road development projects trucking companies will rely on over the next two years.

Many of Boehner’s conservative party members are telling him to stick to the original bill. This version includes measures designed to create new areas for gas and oil development, both on land and offshore. The Senate version contains a special clause that designates 80% of all fines paid by BP for the 2010 oil spill to the five states around the Gulf most affected. This would help the area recover from the economic devastation that the oil spill caused. It would help create new truck driving jobs in states like Louisiana, where a loss in tourism affected dozens of towns.

Democrats from the state are pushing Boehner to pick up the Senate bill instead of the House version. Representative Richmond and Senator Landrieu are asking their Republican counterparts to consider the economy of their state when choosing a bill to support. The Senate transportation bill was supported by both parties when it passed the first round of votes, and was heralded by many trucking companies and industry lobbyists. It ensures that the roadways of America stay in good enough condition that those working in truck driving jobs can perform their daily duties.

The Budget Committee Chairman for the House, Paul Ryan, will also announce a GOP-backed budget this week. It is expected that his version contains greater cuts to discretionary spending than the amount proposed by the President and Congress during 2010. He is also aiming to remove the automatic cuts to the defense department that will begin if the current administration can’t develop a deficit reduction plan with Congress.He is receiving the help of Representative McKeon, the Armed Services Committee Chairman. Both are working together to drop the deficit by $1.2 while keeping the Armed Forces properly funded. There is no word on how these cuts could affect truck driving jobs.

The Senate is working on a measure passed by the House that will give growing companies greater access to the public capital markets. This would have beneficial effects for only the largest trucking providers. Senator Landrieu and a group of Democrats are asking the Senate to pass an alternative measure that supports small businesses specifically. Entrepreneurs and smaller truck driving companies will be able to raise new capital and increase their focus on exports. The new version shares quite a bit with the House bill, but adds more benefits for both investors and small businesses.

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