Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled in Colorado Because of Helicopter Parents

Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Easter Egg Hunt held in Bancroft Park in the historic area of Colorado Springs, Colorado was cancelled this year due to parents being too aggressive last year.

Dave Van Ness, executive director for the Old Colorado City Associates said, “It’s sort of got out of hand. There were disgruntled people because there either weren’t enough eggs to go around or some kids didn’t get one. Parents would get aggressive. Rather than create ill will, let’s just not do it.”

Organizers of the Easter Egg hunt for Colorado Springs, CO say it has outgrown the original intent of being a neighborhood only event. Last year’s egg hunt, sponsored by the Old Colorado City Association, attracted hundreds of parents and children and experienced a few malfunctions, Mazie Baalman, owner of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and sponsor of the event said.

There was no place to hide the plastic Easter eggs, filled with donated candy or coupons redeemable at nearby businesses, so the eggs were placed in plain view site on the grass. A bullhorn that was used start the event didn’t work, so Baalman, master of ceremonies, used a public address system that was hard to hear.

“So everybody thinks you said `Go,’ and everybody goes, and it’s over in seconds. If one parent gets in there, other parents say, `If one can get in we all can get in,’ and everybody goes,” Baalman said.

Parenting observers say the cancellation was due to what they call “helicopter parents.”  Helicopter parents are those who hover over their children and are involved in every aspect of their children’s lives like sports, school, and increasingly work to ensure that they don’t fail, even at an Easter egg hunt.

Ron Alsop, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and author of “The Trophy Kids Grow Up” reported, “They couldn’t resist getting over the rope to help their kids. That’s the perfect metaphor for millennial children. Parents can’t stay out of their children’s lives. They don’t give their children enough chances to learn from hard knocks, mistakes.”

Easter Egg Hunt Colorado Springs, CO Canceled

6 Comments on "Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled in Colorado Because of Helicopter Parents"

  1. Heritage Square Family Entertainment Village in Golden, CO took a different approach and succeeded wildly with Saturday’s Easter Celebration.
    With a strolling Easter Bunny distributing eggs, and a solar powered Bubble Tower blasting humongous bubbles in all directions, and even a stilt walking party, there was entertainment for all ages, and no one felt left out. Report and photos here: http://stiltwalker.com/v65u

  2. being a person that had to fend for himself and learn form his own mistakes, this makes me sick.
    parents that are sticking their noses into every single part of their kids life! what next, are they stop by the college, so they can make sure they dont get cheated out of lunch at the commissary?
    these parents need to back the hell off, and let the kids get dirty once in a while.

  3. Dear helicoptor parents,

    The message your giving your children is that you yourself think they are too stupid to grab an egg thats in plain site or do anything in general. You all ready condemed your very children to be failures for the rest of their lives. You decided that before they had a chance.

  4. This is sad. Letting the “bad eggs” ruin it for everyone. 🙁 These people should have been corrected, then escorted away from the event if they refused to follow the rules. Perhaps banned from coming back, but not allowed to dictate that everyone suffers. What an injustice. I think the real problem here is the event organizers. There are always going to be people who don’t behave accordingly, should we eliminate everything based on their actions? I certainly hope not, we may be without a President next if that’s the case.

    • Wind in the willows | April 6, 2012 at 9:25 pm |

      Dear Brittany-
      From what I’ve read, I am beginnig to suspect that there were too many pushy parents for the organizers to do what you suggest. How essy to blame it on the organizers. Why don’t you all go up and help next year and see how you can solve dealing with morons and helicopter parents, who will all deny that they are………

  5. This is a good indicator about how people have become selfish, rude and entitled. I am glad they canceled the event. Maybe more events should be canceled due to this type of behavior. Pretty soon adults may start acting their age.

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