Megan Piper Prom Date Gets Banned From School Dance

Megan Piper Banned From Prom

How did a 19 year old girl named Megan Piper get banned from North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District’s 2012 prom? Apparently Megan Piper was invited to the prom by one of the students from the High School on Twitter.

Mike Stone who has the Twitter ID: @madmike42948 sent out nearly 600 tweets to popular personalities and p*rn stars inviting them to his prom. Mike had already tried asking a lot of girls out at his own high school but got turned down. After turning to Twitter and marketing himself, Mike got a positive answer from Megan Piper, a p*rn star who has videos and pictures all over the Internet and Emy Reyes.

We’d provide you a link to Megan Piper’s Twitter account but we’ll just tell you the handle since her profile isn’t exactly decent. Megan Piper’s Twitter ID: @xMeganPiper shows her communicating with hundreds of people in support of her attending the prom. Megan’s only request was that she had her plane ticket purchased for her.

According to the IBTimes Mike Stone’s Mom actually even supports her son bringing Megan Piper to his prom. A popular p*rn website has now also agreed to fly Megan Piper from Los Angeles to Minnesota to the Tartan High School Prom. Mike Stones mother Diven said to KSTP, “I was a little upset at first but now I support him. He’ll be coming home alone, though, when it’s over.” Seeing that her son Mike Stone got turned down by girls at schools was rough “But that’s the culture we live in,” she sighed. “Kids can be mean. So why shouldn’t he be allowed to take someone else?””

It sounds like Mike Stone hasn’t given up when he says on Twitter that he’ll be throwing his own prom that will most likely be funded by p*rn companies and & websites.

Mike tweeted out these things on Twitter recently:




In the meantime Megan Piper has definitely seen her popularity soar with people seeking her out on Twitter, Facebook and search Google and other search engines for things like Megan Piper Bikini, Megan Piper Videos and obviously Megan Piper’s pictures. Whether 19 year old Ms. Piper makes it to the alternative Prom Dance Mike Stone is throwing, she has certainly revved up her career. As for Mike Stone, it looks like his future includes the National Guard since his Twitter profile proudly supports it with the logo.

A video talking about Mike Stone & his p*rn star invitation:

A video titled: “Cheat on your girlfriend with Megan Piper! Not on your workout!” (starts at 2 minutes and 30 seconds)

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  1. Seriously man, I wish she’d come to my prom too. I wouldn’t even lay a hand on her. That would be the best prom ever.

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