The Hunger Games Fans Waiting In Line As Tickets Are Sold Out

The Hunger Games Tickets Sold Out

Waiting in line for The Hunger Games movie that will open it’s doors at 12:01am is what many Hunger Games fans are doing tonight. According to some people on Twitter like @MegBeRed, “Went to Tempe marketplace an there is already ppl in line with blankets n pillows waiting for this hunger games movie… I don’t get it.” However, thousands of thousands of Hunger Games fans tonight will wait in line tonight and do get it.

Calls to movie theaters earlier today had workers telling people that in order to get the seat of your choice you should show up to the theater at 5:00pm. AMC 30 Theaters in Olathe, Kansas was telling callers specifically this to ensure that you were happy with your seat.

People are sharing pictures of themselves in line on Twitter now as they begin the long wait before the movie releases. If you happen to be in line tonight you can watch some of The Hunger Games trailers we’ve included below to psych yourself out.

If you are a fan of The Hunger Games and you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, you’re out of luck. Every single Hunger Games ticket is sold out across the United States. The fever is one to feed the imagination that has been spreading across the country as people read the popular book series. Suzanne Collins produced three books in the Hunger Games series and has hooked in fans from all walks of life.

It’s almost mind boggling that almost all Hunger Games Tickets are sold out for Thursday night showings on March 22nd, 2012. Lionsgate has released the movie in 4,137 theaters in the US. A report by NASDAQ predicts that The Hunger Games could become the first mega blockbuster of 2012.

On their news report they say, “While March was formerly a difficult month to launch a potential blockbuster, the last six years have seen a slew of major hits that have put up mid-summer opening numbers. “Alice in Wonderland” still holds the record at $116 million domestically during its opening weekend in 2010, though it’s a record that Lionsgate would love to smash this weekend with “The Hunger Games.”

The one thing that it seems The Hunger Games may have against it is that it has a PG-13 rating and the “Alice in Wonderland” movie had a PG rating which makes it a lot easier to sell tickets. Either way, the fan base for this future movie blockbuster is strong with the popularity of the books.

Jennifer Lawrence who stars in Hunger Games explains to David Letterman that when she goes to the premieres for the movies she’s meeting fans that are on the verge of crazy, crying & screaming:

The Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer #2 (most popular)

The Hunger Games TV Spot “Countdown”

Taylor Swift’s performance of The Civil Wars “Safe & Sound” (from The Hunger Games Sountrack)

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