Ricki Lake Show Gets Interactive with Facebook Questions

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Ricki Lake will put a planning session live on Facebook once a month for “The Ricki Lake Show” debuting in September.

Stephen Brown, senior vice president with Twentieth Television said about including the audience into “The Ricki Lake Show,” “The audience is playing games online, sharing stories, pictures and ideas online and talking on Twitter. If we don’t engage them and acknowledge they’re doing this, then shame on us.”

The new show is aimed at women who are between the ages of 25-54 and will be focused on topics that women at home want to hear. Ricki Lake said, “The talk show is intended to be ‘what I want to watch if I were home.'” She added, “There’s so much power and influence and feedback and information with these women.”

Ricki Lake’s most recent discussion on her Facebook page asks, “AGREE or DISAGREE: Parents expect too much from their children.”

Responses range from, “DISAGREE. I have seen parents who expect their children to live their unlived lives, Seen parents who care enough to make sure their kids get an education. Can’t paint all parents with that broad brush.”

To some that are torn between the question at hand, “Agree in terms of exceeding in anything at a young age. Disagree in terms of teaching discipline.”

One person points out, “I think at times parents may not have knowledge of what developmental stage their child is in, and can expect to much. One issue we have is my boys are huge, so they look 3 years older than they are. Many expect them to act older because of their size.”

Past questions raised by Ricki Lake, “FILL IN THE BLANK: You’re never to old to _________. Let’s talk!”

“AGREE or DISAGREE : Your significant other should also be your best friend.”

Ricki Lake is asking for her Facebook Friends to help pick out the theme music to her new show. She’s even given some behind the scenes type of videos with showing a time-lapse of set construction.

So how do you get in on this action? It’s simple, all you have to do is go to the Facebook page and ‘Like’ The Ricki Lake show. Next, leave a comment discussing what you would like to see on the show or an issue that you would like to be covered. As part of the live streaming broadcast, Facebook audiences will be invited to ask production team members questions and get immediate feedback from producers.

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