Eddie Murphy Dead? No, Another Death Hoax

Eddie Murphy Died 2012

Eddie Murphy has fallen victim to the death hoax on Twitter, again. Eddie Murphy is alive and doing well and certainly not dead.

The latest death hoax reports Eddie Murphy died in a snowboarding accident in Zermatt, Switzerland. This is the exact same death hoax that was played on him in December 2010.

People on Twitter made it a trending topic saying things like:
“Eddie Murphy Dead.”

While another person tweeted, “Eddie Murphy isn’t dead his brother just tweeted he was fine.”

Some are just as confused as they were back in December 2010 asking, “Why is eddie murphy dead?”

Others don’t believe the hoax and believe it’s just a rumor, “Another question … Is Will Smith & Eddie Murphy really dead ??? … I still think it’s a rumor.”

“People been saying Eddie Murphy is dead for about 3 weeks now…he might wanna release a statement,” says one tweeter.

Then there are the few that don’t appreciate all the gossip and rumors floating around the web, “Certain people make me sick chatting rubbish about RIP to people who aren’t even dead. There was Eddie Murphy, Adele and now fabrice muamba.”

Where are all these death hoax coming from you might be wandering. Apparently, the fake news story is coming from Global Associated News, a website that enables people to create their very own celebrity death headline.

Eddie Murphy had released his current movie, “A Thousand Words” starring, Cliff Curtis, Kerry Washington, Ruby Dee and himself. The movie is about Jack McCall, a literary agent finding a Bodhi tree on his property and then stretches the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru. The tree holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every word we speak. According to IMDB it’s rated at 4.3 out of 10.

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