Gas Prices Going Up Have Big Impact On The Economy

History may repeat itself if US gas prices continue to rise throughout the summer months. It has been rumored that gas prices might well exceed the $5 mark within the next couple of months. If that is the case, the trucking industry may have no choice but to pass those prices on to consumers. That means inflation will hit the store shelves and consumers will have no choice but to change spending habits.

It is believed that as long as jobs remain stable the economy would not suffer from the high rise in fuel prices. The economy is still on a thin sheet of ice that is easily breakable with any small shift in weight. That will occur when trucking companies must pay more out of pocket for the gasoline they purchase. The rising gas prices will hurt those with truck driving jobs and the trucking companies they work for because gas prices determine the company’s bottom line.

The current gas prices average just below $4 per gallon. At the average price of $3.83 per gallon, it still has not reached its peak, according to specialists. Although the gas prices have not halted economic growth thus far, experts agree that the economy could be better if not for high gas prices. The cushion of a rising economy will be flattened when consumers change spending habits.

Consumers have a history of changing spending habits with rising gas prices. Recall the last time gas prices sky rocketed. People tightened spending in order to afford the gas they needed to travel to work. It was a life altering chain of events that would change consumer habits forever. It meant that businesses suffered as well. Many businesses were forced to cut spending by cutting jobs, lowering stock and in too many cases, closing their doors forever.

The bottom line is that when consumers begin to worry about rising gas prices, the effects can be devastating for businesses as well. People do not want to be left in a lurch as they were in previous years, without jobs, losing their homes and unable to afford simple things like food. People are much more aware of how rising gas prices affect the economy and therefore will be more adamant than ever about saving money for a possible breakdown in economic trends.

During the prior chain of events, the real estate market took a shocking turn for the worse. Home values dropped thousands of dollars and people lost their homes to foreclosure. The effects have still not ironed themselves out and that occurred in 2008. Now that America is facing the rest of 2012 and possibly higher gas prices than ever before, they are left to ponder how they should react to it.

People in truck driving jobs are reacting slowly to the high rise in gas prices, however, that should not be taken as a sign that they will not react. Trucking is a serious job that requires huge amounts of fuel in order to function. When consumers must take on the cost of rising gas for truckers as well as themselves, they may think twice about buying that new computer they have been planning on. It may take an over-the-top price of gas, such as $5 and above, before the economic affects begin to turn the economic chain of events around. It is a grim reminder of days past that many have still not overcome.

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