iPad 3 Release Is Here, Lines Spots For Sale on Craigslist

iPad 3 Line Holder CraigslistYou’ve been dreaming about the next release of the iPad 3 from Apple and now your time is come. The iPad 3 release date is March 16th, 2012 at 8:00am. If you’re sitting here reading this and you haven’t preordered your iPad 3 from Apple or participating cell phone retailers, you better go get in a line.

The lines are already building up around the entire United States in anticipation of the 8:00am door opening release of the iPad 3 to the public. Best Buy iPad 3 lines are building already and so are Apple Store iPad 3 lines. By the time you get in line you’ll already be quite a few people deep even if you go now. Is there a solution? It seems so.

People in every major metropolitan area are offering up a service on Craigslist to wait in line for you and buy Apple’s third generation iPad. Current line spots just at a glance that are available are up for purchase in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix and more.

Ads say things like:

iPad 3 line waiter – Currently unemployed with time to spare. You want and need the iPad 3 on Friday when it comes out. I can buy 1 or 2. Minimum of $250 for 1 or $450 for 2. Call and lets talk 62-6/32/9-79/36

iPad 3: #1 spot in line – $500 (Santa Clarita) – I am selling my #1 spot in line for $500 or more. In other words, I am the #1 person in line. I am located in Santa Clarita. My price is $500, but people can outbid you until the last day (March 16th). Contact me if interested. I only accept CASH. I will be checking to see if the money is real, in front of everyone. So, you better think TWICE before you hand me fake money.

How to find your own Craigslist iPad 3 Line Holder

We’ve identified a way for you to scope out line sitters and waiters for your iPad third generation purchase if you don’t want to wait in line. Just click this link to get a search from Google from Craigslist for the iPad 3 line waiters. You can improve the search by adding your Craigslist URL to the format of your Google search: site:craigslist.org ipad 3 line

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