Earthquake in Japan Today but No Damage

Earthquake in Japan

Japan earthquake today that hit the same region as the tsunami last year, has caused no apparent damage or injury at this time. A magnitude of 6.9 hit right off the coast of Hokkaido island and caused a tidal. With an aftershock of magnitude 5.9 striking about two hours later.

A tidal from the Japan earthquake today prompted communities in the area to issue evacuation orders and tsunami advisers to the residents that live closest to the coast. A swelling of 8 inches was observed about an hour later in the port of Hachinohe in Aomori, northern Japan. The Japan Meteorological Agency lifted all tsunami advisories about an hour and half later.

Trains stopped service with the Japan earthquake today and two runways at the Tokyo’s Narita International Airport were closed, but resumed quickly.

Local media reported no abnormalities at the Tokai No.2 nuclear power plant northeast of Tokyo, which has been shut for routine maintenance, or at Tokyo Electric Power Co’s tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi and Daini plants.

Another earthquake in Japan hit Tokyo and had a magnitude 6.1 and was centered just off the coast of Chiba, east of Tokyo. It struck at a shallow 6 miles below the sea surface.

On Sunday marked the first anniversary of the Japan tsunami 2011 disasters. It started off with a 9.0 earthquake and followed with a tsunami that left 19,000 people either dead or missing. The damage wreaked the northeastern coast and also caused the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. Rebuilding of Japan has yet to fully start in most communities along the coast.

Japan Earthquake Today

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