Marie Osmond Accident On Stage, Pees Her Pants Laughing [video]

Marie Osmond Pee AccidentWell, don’t worry, Marie Osmond’s accident wasn’t her getting hurt, she didn’t get in a wreck, she isn’t sick, she’s just clearly having such a good time, she peed her pants. The situation took place on March 2nd, 2012 and the video was uploaded to YouTube sometime around March 12th, 2012. The video was reportedly removed from here as revealed by E! Online.

As the viral video of Marie Osmond was released from the “Donny and Marie Cruise” performance it has spread onto other user accounts. A question was asked my an audience member during the Cruise show and Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond broke into a fit of laughter falling to their knees.

Marie Osmond pees her pants laughing hysterically and according to ABC News says, “I just peed my pants” … “Oh ship.” Donnie Osmond added to the laughter and made a joke of it all and said, “we promised you an experience.” After this Marie wipes the pee on stage with her hand cleaning it up a little. The joke continues as Marie finally sat down on stage and began wiping up the stage by scooting her butt across stage.

The crew members on the Cruise Vacation performance and the people that were on the Cruise ship enjoying the show haven’t come forward and revealed the question. Whatever the question was it was enough to create a tinkle on the stage. Marie Osmond’s accident was played off well and she treated it just like a comedy skit, true professionalism there!

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  1. ¿quien no ha tenido un contratiempo de ese tipo?Admiro el humor con que se tomo la situacion,si no lo hubiera hecho asi y se hubiera intimimidado el publico no habria participado y festejado.Bravo Marie asi se hace

  2. She’s only human. At least she was laughing and having a good time.

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