American Airline Flight Headed For Chicago Was Delayed and 2 Attendants Treated at the Hospital

Flight Delay in DallasAmerican Airline flight 2332, headed for Chicago from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport had to turn around and head back toward the gate to meet airport police this morning, Friday, March 9, 2012. Two crew members were injured after an argument that passengers are saying started when a flight attendant was ranting about bankruptcy, 9-11 and the plane crashing.

One of the flight attendants gave a lengthy ramble for 15-minutes about the plane crashing and she’s not responsible.

Bethany Christakos of Dallas was seated in the rear of the plane and told the Washington Post, “She said, ‘I’m not responsible for this plane crashing.'”

While another passenger who actually had to help restrain the flight attendant reported that, “She acted oddly and mentioned something about 9-11. She is obviously sick and needs to take her medicine.”

That may sound like a person just using words to call someone crazy, but passengers claimed they heard the attendant’s name and how she was ‘off her meds.’

A spokesman for American Airlines (PINK:AAMRQ), Ed Martelle said, “An incident occurred involving some of the cabin crew. Two flight attendants were taken to local hospitals for treatment.” He did not provide their names or information about their injuries or conditions.

In a statement, American Airlines said the entire crew was replaced and the flight eventually took off for Chicago at 9:46 a.m.

American Airlines put out a statement that said, “We commend our other crew members for their assistance in quickly getting the aircraft back to the gate so that customers could be re-accommodated. Our customers were not in danger at any time. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers and we appreciate their patience and understanding.

Bethany Christakos added that once they were able to get in the air and head to Chicago, “The attendants were nicer than I ever seen. They completely ran out of alcohol.”

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