Better Business Bureau Releases Top Scams for 2011 with Infographic

BBB Top 10 Scams

Business is always evolving and people are coming up with new inventions, technology and creative ways to make a buck. On the flip side of that coin there are always those people that are willing to make a buck and not give much in return for it. 2011 was not a year that was without scams.

This year the Better Business Bureau has put together an infographic giving the top 10 scams of the year that they’ve run across.

The first one mentioned in the BBB Scam infographic is the one preying on unemployed workers looking for that next job. The job scam starts with a professional website, phone interview, a “You got the job!” statement and then you get a link to a form that says can you fill out this online credit form? Identity theft now becomes an unfortunately easy attack on these new victims.

The next one hits the social networking crowd with promises of winning everything under the sun. This sweepstakes and lottery scam targets people on Facebook and Twitter mostly. Messages like, “You won! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to send you $1 million!” are sent to the users in hopes of getting them to click. The result is listed as the situation where clicking lets the scammer see your personal information, your friends and more.

Another social media scam preys on top news events to get users to click through and create a malware / virus installation on their computers that lets all their passwords and private information fly away to the scammer. Messages are sent to users that say things like, “Did you see the video of Osama bin Laden’s death? Upgrade your flash player to view…” which gets the user to update their software. Instead of upgrading Flash you download a virus that finds your passwords.

For those people that are looking to get some home improvement work done this scam can hit them in the wallet and standing there with very shoddy work at their home. This time the scam pitch comes in person and goes like this, “I’ve got a great deal on resealing your driveway. (fixing your roof, trimming your trees, etc).” The scam is done on anyone owning property but seniors are a prime target for this one. The result that is listed is Shoddy work and at wost, the money is received by the scammer and they perform no work at all and take off.

If you like to sell on Craigslist or eBay this one could target you and you won’t even know it until your bank account screams foul. Teh check cashing scam works by the scammer telling you, “Sorry I wrote the check for too much. Can you wire me the difference?” When the person wires the difference of the check a few days go by and the entire check bounces. Now the victim is out what they sold and the extra money they gave the person.

The next scam is the top phishing scam according to the Better Business Bureau and starts with an email from ACH (Automated Clearing House) about an electronic transaction problem. The target of this scam is anyone who uses electronic banking or online bill paying. Where does the victim end up? A link will take the user to a fake banking site that steals all their information and fools them into thinking their banking site wasn’t working.

Identity theft is popular and there are ways it happens quickly to just about anyone. The BBB identified the top identity theft scam for 2011 which involves a hotel, a sleepy guest and their credit card details. The scam starts by a late night call to a hotel guests room that says, “This is the front desk. So sorry, but there’s a problem with your credit card.” The sleep guest hands over the credit card details to try and get back to sleep and later find out their credit card is being used for all kinds of gifts.

Foreclosures and short sales are through the roof and there are a new fresh pile of victims every single month. This top BBB scam directly targets these people already in a life changing position when they’re losing their house. The pitch for this scam can come from email or by mail and tells the victim, “We can help you keep your house by dealing with your mortgage company for you…” The catch is this victims never get any help, no services are performed and they are more broke and in more trouble than when they started. This scam preys on desperation and is the top financial scam of 2011.

There are new auction sites that allow users to bid for items that look incredibly cheap but the catch is you have to pay for the item and for each bid. This is the top sales scam for 2011 and starts with a pitch that says, “Win an iPad, win a new computer, win a camera…all for just pennies a bid.” The victim ends up paying for every bid and often doesn’t even win the merchandise.

The top scam for 2011 may be the most surprising of all. The BBB created this 2011 scam infographic and they’re letting the cat out of the bag. The biggest scam of the year is the BBB phishing scam. The scam starts out with a pitch that is an email from BBB with the subject line “Complaint Against Your Business.” What does a concerned business owner do? They click the link and an attachment downloads malware that finds bank info and transfers money all under the guise of the Better Business Bureau.

If you’re sick of people getting scammed and you want to put a stop to it you can get a Cyber Security Degree and join the ranks of the elite forces that are trying to protect the country from cyber attacks and online scams. Viruses, malware and tricks of online and offline scammers aren’t going away and that’s helping cyber security salaries to go up every year. This article detail was provided by to let people know about the Top BBB scams out there, change the world and get your degree today.

Top 10 Scams of 2011 [Infographic]

Top 10 Scams of 2011 [Infographic] compliments of
Better Business Bureau

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  1. Unfortunately, there are still tons of scams out thereā€¦There is a new iPhone app recently released, called Scam Detector, which exposes like 500 scams. It is worth checking it out, if you have an iPhone. The app is also online – they have a free web version, if interested. Google it, it’s kinda cool, actually.

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