Tulsa Oklahoma Courthouse Shooting Leaves 3 Injured

Tulsa Courthouse Shooting

Outside a courthouse plaza in Tulsa, Oklahoma a sheriff dupty and two other people were shot. An incident that happened around 2:39 p.m. when a man discharged a handgun into the air.

When dupties arrived near the Tulsa City-County Library at the north side of the courthouse at 5th Street and Denver Avenue and confronted the unidentified gunman, he began to shoot again. Officers who were inside the courthouse in Oklahoma ran outside when they heard the shots being fired and fired at the suspect. The suspect was shot once and a deputy had also been shot at.

Police spokesman Leland Ashley said, “During the course of exchange of gunfire, an innocent bystander was hit. The injuries to the deputy and the bystander did not appear life-threatening.”

A representative of Tulsa’s Emergency Medical Services Authority told the local station that there were at least four victims, one male taken to St. John Medical Center in critical condition, another male taken to St. John in serious condition, a female taken to Saint Francis Hospital in fair condition, and a second female who was treated at the scene for emotional distress and refused transport.

Undersheriff Brian Edwards said, “The Tulsa Police Department will investigate because the incident was an officer-involved shooting.”

Also a police car was involved in a car crash and overturned while trying to rush to the scene at the courthouse shooting. The officer came over a hill and a car pulled out in front of her cruiser, which was running with lights and sirens. The officer swerved to avoid the car, causing the cruiser to overturn and a Tulsa police officer to be injured.

County spokesman Michael Willis said the courthouse reopened about an hour after the shooting.

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