San Diego Demonoid Pictures, Is The Mystery Solved?

San Diego Demonoid

The location of this famous San Diego Demonoid monster is all over the place but at least in the same vicinity. Either Pacific Beach, Mission Beach or some nice sandy beach in San Diego, California has produced a nice little mutant monster.

Most likely, thanks to an interview by Vice magazine the person that took the Demonoid pictures himself said he was at Pacific Beach. Vice Magazine’s Rocco Castoro did a pretty in depth interview with the guy visiting from Tahoe. Essentially Josh Menard was with his “homies” who were out surfing when a bum warned Josh, “Don’t go too close to that seaweed right there!”

Joshua Menard goes on to describe a foot, to foot and a half long “canine-like” creature sitting there, obviously dead as you can tell from the demonoid photos. It is described as the shape of a pig, nails, a bald head, a white mohawk and longer back legs. Sounds terrifying doesn’t it?

Some people are now calling the thing the San Diego Chupacabra that was swimming in the ocean and washed up on the beach. The mysteries really just kept building up and different people started providing more names for this famous San Diego monster. The Weekly World News is calling this monster The San Diego Chulapa Monster. The Daily Mail is calling it “mutant hellbeast”, “goatsucker” and “devil dog.”

Looking through the comments of the Daily Mail you start to hear some people proclaim to solve the mystery. Mr. John London says, “Dollars to donuts, this is just a decomposing dog. The bloated stomach is decomposition, the teeth look larger because the skin has stretched back, and the “mohawk” is called hair.” Ms. Cathryn Irmo states that it is, “Completely Average is correct. Definitely a decomposed opossum. From Wikipedia: The incisors are very small, the canines large, and the molars are tricuspid.”

Taking a look at an article produced on the Scientific American blog another person weights in named Daniel Nash. This lays it out, “On the 1st of February I was emailed by the people at about a weird mammal carcass they’re calling the “San Diego Demonoid”. Loren Coleman (at Cryptomundo) has since referred to it as the “San Diego Diablo”. I suggest we call it “a dead opossum”, because that’s what it is and it’s nothing special.”

Feel free to the read the rest of the description the debunks the San Diego Chupacabra or the famous name of San Diego Demonoid. Pictures give it away really, this thing is just a dead opossum. You can now sleep at night San Diego!

San Diego Chupacabra

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  1. This is ridiculous and obviously wax. It lacks the realistic contours only a living thing can provide.

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