Beyonce breastfeeding in public could start a trend & more nurse-ins

Beyonce Breastfeeding Blue Ivy Carter

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Yes, you’ve heard the buzz and you maybe even read the magazine cover done by US Magazine announcing Beyonce was breastfeeding Blue Ivy Carter in public. There are even opinion pieces like at the Philly Mag rolling out of the media about how silly it is for people to be talking and debating the celebrity breastfeeding event.

Why is it really such a big deal? It seems in that in the last 10 years the battle has been brewing for mothers to breastfeed in public without scrutiny and even legal problems. In fact, just today a story was released by WRDW-TV Augusta, Georgia about mothers fighting on the court house steps to breastfeed in public.

The mothers in Georgia are calling it a “nurse-in” and are displaying their right to have a group of women publicly breastfeeding their children to push the barrier. The mother’s goals are to get new laws passed to exclude mothers from indecency laws.

One mother said, “This is our right and actually, our children’s right. Most of us do get glares, we get looks, or we get sighs and we’re tired of it. This is just kind of a way to rally all of the moms together to tell Georgia that we need to implement new changes into our Georgia law.” The event took place in Evans, Georgia and you can watch their cover story on the issue.

It’s events like the one in Georgia that many people are giving praise to Beyonce breastfeeding Blue Ivy Carter in public. The celebrity factor helps set of trends and let people know with pictures, news pieces and fanfare that you can stand up for what you think is right. Many doctors and mothers feel it’s an initiative of health with recommendations from many doctors that the first six months of a babies life should include breastfeeding.

Beyonce’s breastfeeding event happened in New York City at Sant Ambroeus where guests at the restaurant saw Beyonce and Jay-Z at the table while Blue Ivy Carter was breastfed. Apparently there were three confirmed people who witnesses the breastfeeding extravaganza. It may be a little funny that Beyonce is getting so much press for breastfeeding but for mothers fighting for the right do it in their state legally, it’s no joke.

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