Jason Malachi Vocals on Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Album

Jason Malachi

Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, “Michael” did not contain his actual voice, instead it was Jason Malachi in the songs.

According to TMZ, Paris Jackson told her friends during a video chat that it wasn’t her dad, Michael Jackson instead is was Jason Malachi in those songs. When she played the song, “Hold My Hand” Paris was asked by one of her friends why the song didn’t sound like Michael Jackson. She told her friends, “It’s not him, the whole album isn’t even him! Go online, go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That’s him!!” Paris added that it’s not her father in the song because, “I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time.”

At one point during the video chat with her friend, Paris joked about the footage “leaking” onto the Internet. The online conversation between Paris and her friends took place during the height of rumors that Michael Jackson’s parts on the “Michael” album were actually sung by Jason Malachi.

Both Jason Malachi and Sony denies the allegations that it’s Jason Malachi singing on the Michael Jason album. Sony Records even released a statement saying that they had “complete confidence in the results of our extensive research as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with Michael that the vocals on the new album are his own.”

Joe Vogel, Huffington Post blogger and Michael Jackson expert wrote, “The album, is a hybrid creation. At times it feels truly inspired and very close to what Michael himself would have done; at other times, it feels a bit more like a tribute.”

Paris took to Twitter on Wednesday about all the hype and tried to clear up any confusion and tweeted, “People should know by now not to believe the media when it comes down to TMZ talking about my family. Hold My Had IS my dad actually singing.”

TJ Jackson even took to Twitter to argue that the song was really sang by his Uncle Michael Jackson and not Jason Malachi, “There’s many MJ vocal impersonators. Some better than others. But there is only ONE Michael Jackson. Deceptively merging shady vocals with MJ samples (from prior MJ records) will never fool me.”

Since this discovery TMZ has said, “TMZ has learned a recording of Paris’ video message is being shopped to various media outlets and we’re told “Offers are on the table.”

Paris is going to be starring in the upcoming live action-animated film “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys,” based on Dennis H. Christen’s young adult fantasy series, opposite characters voiced by Joey Fatone and Larry King.

Michael Jackson posthumous album, “Michael” was released in December 2010, 18 months after his death.

Michael Jackson – Hold My Hand

Jason Malachi – Let Me Go

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  1. Wow, just listened to it & that sure is NOT Michael Jackson! So sad how the record industry loves to take advantage of the deceased!

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