Davy Jones Dead at 66 Years Old From Heart Attack

Davy Jones Dead at 66

A legend created by the Beatles phenomenon has died today. Mr. Davy Jones from The Monkees TV sensation passed away on Thursday February 29th, 2012. Davy Jones Dead at 66 years old from heart attack in Florida.

Davy Jones rose to fame by being the lead vocal a lot of the biggest hits of The Monkees. Mr. Jones was visiting his ranch & horses near his home in Indiantown, Florida when he started experiencing trouble breathing and distress.

A ranch hand found Mr. Jones in his car having troubles and the ambulance was called for help. The Sheriff said that once the paramedics picked up Mr. Jones and took him to the local hospital he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Davy Jones died at only 66 years old with a youthful look still in his face.

Some of the more popular songs that Davy Jones was the lead vocalist on were songs like “Daydram Believer”, “I Wanna Be Free” and many more. The Monkees were a created pop band through TV and eventually helped fuel the MTV revolution by going on the road and becoming a real band on tour.

Davy had recently performed on the road in Oklahoma on February 19th, 2012 in New York City at the BB King Blues Club. Videos of his last performances were shared on YouTube and we’ve included them below. Davy Jones’s last performances were “It’s Nice to Be With You” and “Daydream Believer.”

Popular comments on these videos that spoke how many lives Davey Jones touched with his music and performances are ones like:

“A part of my teenage history is now gone. Davy and the Monkees were a big part of my early teen years. I guess it’s just another sign that time passes by and we pass on whether we want to or not. RIP, sweet Day! ♥”

“I had such a crush on Davy in the 60’s. So sad and still so cute!!!”

“Hard to believe he is gone. Davy you will me dearly missed. I always enjoyed the TV shows and the Monkeys records.”

“Loved his British antics!! Haven’t seen him in many years on anything…….but from time to time I hear the songs. I like this song and haven’t heard it for quite a while. Just the thought of his passing makes me sad…God Bless you Davy!!….. Thanks for posting this song!!”

This video below of is of Davy Jones Last Performance of Daydream Believer:

The Last Performance of Davey Jones is of the song It’s Nice To Be With You

More popular comments made on Davy Jones’s videos of his last performances:

“God bless you Davy. I’ll always remember you and the Monkeys. They added such joy to my childhood years. You will be missed.”

“Very sad. He was a wonderful man and a great performer. Life can end in the blink of an eye, so many individuals that die of heart disease are seemingly fine one minute, and gone the next. RIP Davy.”

“Davy Jones my first crush, I just KNEW I would grow up & marry him:) Had the Monkees’ albums & my Uncle got me the Davy Jones’ Album when I was 14, I still have. My name is Jeanne & I just LOVED the song Day Dream Believer, my brothers were so sick of hearing that song over & over as a kid…the lyrics cheer up sleepy Jeanne & Homecoming queen, I wasn’t homecoming queen, but was our town’s Fire Department Queen:) Deepest sympathies to his wife & daughters & fellow band members. RIP Davy.”

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