Teenager Threatens Grandmother with Plastic Gun

Grandmother Terrorized by TeenagerPolice were called to a home in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Sunday night because a 15-year old was threatening his grandmother with a gun.

Around 2:00 a.m. a 77-year old woman called 911 saying her grandson threatened her with a gun. She was able to escape from the 15-year old to make the emergency call. When the police officers arrived at the 3000 block of Squaw Valley Drive near Union and Vickers, they set up a containment perimeter around the house.

A standoff that lasted for several hours before officers learned that the gun was actually just a toy plastic gun. “After numerous attempts to contact the suspect and after learning that the reported gun was a plastic, toy gun, officers went into the home and took the teen suspect into custody,” reported Colorado Springs Police Department’s Sgt. Eric Anderson.  This may sound a bit nuts and you’re probably thinking, how did they not know it wasn’t a toy gun?  Unfortunately, toy guns can look very real and can be very scary to someone if they don’t know it isn’t real.

Police say the grandmother had reported that her grandson was terrorizing her for several hours before she was able to escape and make the 911 emergency call. The teenager was taken into custody and it’s still unknown what kind of charges he will face.

Thankfully no one was injured. Names have not been released.

Even though no one was injured, kids need to be taught the serious consequences with gun, no matter if it’s real or play.

David Morse of Firing Pin Gun and Pawn in Safford, says there are five rules of gun safety that should be observed at all times. The rules that are endorsed by the NRA include:
• Always consider the gun loaded.
• Always fire in a safe direction.
• Always keep finger off trigger until you are ready to fire. A good place to place the finger is along the frame.
• Always know your target and what is behind it.
• Maintain control of your firearm at all times.

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