Oscars 2012 Social Media Guide on Twitter News & Coverage

Oscars 2012 Social Media Guide

An interesting new tool for people that use Twitter to follow information on live events shows where you will probably get the best information for the 2012 Oscars. The tool is powered by Kred.com and features the #Oscars top influencers by the second in a real-time calculation.

You’ll find the following people as the day’s top influential tweeters in reference to the #Oscars & people mentioning them. #1 is @getglue, #2 @TheAcademy #3 @BillyCrystal #4 @RyanSeacrest, #5 @eonline, #6 @ninagarcia and #7 @redcarpet.

The list that seems to change a little quicker is the top outreachers which can be a little confusing. We’ll list the top 7 and then we’ll list some information from the FAQ at Kred so you can understand how these influential people can help you keep on top of Twitter trends like: #oscars #eredcarpet, academy awards and more.

The top 7 top outreachers are #1 @365HANGERS, #2 @girlshorts, #3 @familyfoodie, #4 @Jeseniasy7, #5 @ToodiesMomma, #6 @intervistato and #7 @TDFlashDesk.

As other things fly by the latest tweets from people that are getting influence points flash at the bottom of the Kred display. The amount of Twitter users mentioning things like #oscars is counted and tallied by Kred with the current number at 125,925 total users. To follow the information yourself just head on over oscars.kred.com.

Some frequently asked questions about Kred that may help you to calculate how to use this information better:

Kred looks for tweets that use the event hashtag #oscars in tandem with an @name. It then awards points in real time to both the person posting the tweet and the person mentioned in the tweet.

Kred then uses a real-time scoring algorithm to assign Influence and Outreach rankings to everyone who has tweeted and mentioned other users with this hashtag.

Influence is the measure of what others do because of you.
Your Influence score increases whenever someone retweets, @replies or follows you. Influence points also reflect the reach of people who engage with you.
Outreach is the measure of your generosity.
It increases when you retweet, @reply or follow a new person.
A full description of our scoring system is available at Kred.com/rules.

How is this different from other “leaderboards”?

Kred values engagement and interaction over follower count, and this makes us different from traditional “most tweets” leaderboards.

What do the points mean?

Kred awards points on a sliding scale for every tweet where the event hashtag and another @name is mentioned.

You receive Influence Points every time someone interacts with you or your content. 10 Points are assigned for the most common actions, like @replying or retweeting. We give more Points if someone with a large following does something for you, for example if someone with more than 10,000 followers retweets your post.

Influence Points are then translated to your Kred Influence Score. Kred Influence is normalized on a scale with a maximum score of 1,000.

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  1. Loraine,
    Thanks for featuring our Oscar leader board on your site. We’re glad you enjoyed it. We also have a board up this week for the TED Conference at http://ted.kred.com.
    Let us know if you have ideas about events for the future.

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